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Note By Note - Eric Gales
Posted Friday, February 24, at 11:57 AM
Eric Gales Middle of the Road It may be titled Middle of the Road, but there's nothing intermediary, medial or halfway about Eric Gales' latest studio album. Rather, Middle of the Road (Provogue/Mascot Label Group) is an exceptional new album from an extremely-gifted musician that at this point in his career, should be a household name...

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Note By Note - Ronnie Baker Brooks
Posted Sunday, February 12, at 11:07 AM

Ronnie Baker Brooks Times Have Changed It really is funny how time slips away ... It's hard to believe, but it's been 10 years since the blues-loving public has been treated to a new album from Chicago's Ronnie Baker Brooks. But my, oh my, has Brooks (guitarist, vocalist, songwriter) ever made up for that decade-long absence with Times Have Changed (Provogue/Mascot Label Group)...

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Note By Note - Blue & Lonesome
Posted Friday, December 30, at 9:53 AM

The Rolling Stones Blue & Lonesome Question: What do you get when you take a rock-and-roll band that's seemingly been around longer than the earth itself, lock the members in a room for a couple of days and push 'play' on the recording console? Answer: You get Blue & Lonesome, the most consistent - and best - album The Rolling Stones have issued since 1978's Some Girls...

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Note By Note - Kansas
Posted Sunday, September 18, at 4:10 PM

Kansas The Prelude Implicit This may sound like a back-handed compliment - and for that, please forgive me for saying so - but The Prelude Implicit (Inside Out Music) really had no business being made. I mean, a classic rock band that enjoyed its biggest success way back in the 1970s huddling together in a studio to record a batch of brand-new original songs for the group's first studio album in 16 years? In 2016, when most bands with the pedigree of Kansas are content to simply just tour and live off their past? I might also add that Kansas entered the studio for the first time since 1982 without original and longtime lead singer Steve Walsh (an iconic rock star if there ever was), who retired a couple of years ago.. ...

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Note By Note - Radio Moscow
Posted Thursday, July 7, at 11:07 AM

Radio Moscow Live! In California I've never been to The Satellite club in Los Angeles, so my knowledge of the building's architectural construction is somewhat limited. But being somewhat familiar with the basic theory of physics, I'd say that The Satellite must be constructed of Titanium walls and the roof is probably fortified with Kevlar, while three-foot thick concrete reinforces the perimeter of the night club...

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Note By Note - Steve Porcaro
Posted Saturday, June 11, at 2:16 PM

Steve Porcaro Someday/Somehow Knowing the rich musical history of the Porcaro family like I do, I should not have been surprised. But yet I was. Someday/Somehow, the debut solo album from the incomparable Steve Porcaro is one true gem. The fact that Porcaro has been working on this album on-and-off ever since the early 1980s makes it that much more special to be able to listen to Someday/Somehow in 2016...

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Note By Note - King Mud
Posted Friday, March 11, at 7:22 PM

King Mud Victory Motel Sessions If you were to utter the phrase 'super-group,' within their earshot, they'd probably laugh hysterically right back into your face. But don't let that change your mind, because King Mud is very much a 'super-group,' especially to fans of the seedy underbelly of roots-related music affectionately known as 'punk blues.'...

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Note By Note - Supersonic Blues Machine
Posted Saturday, March 5, at 10:26 AM

Dr. Z Presents Supersonic Blues Machine West Of Flushing South Of Frisco It was almost with a sense of relief when I reached track number five - "Bone Bucket Blues" - on West Of Flushing South Of Frisco (Provogue/Mascot Label Group). By the time track number eight rolled around - a superb cover of "Ain't No Love (In The Heart Of The City)" - I was downright giddy, to the point of being ecstatic...

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Note By Note - Rollin' 'n' Tumblin'
Posted Saturday, February 13, at 12:32 PM

Rev. Keith A. Gordon Rollin' 'n' Tumblin' To say that the good Reverend Keith A. Gordon knows a thing or two about the blues is akin to saying that a duck likes water. Duh! A quick glance at the Buffalo, New York-based journalist's impressive stat-sheet confirms as much...

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Note By Note - Jaco
Posted Saturday, December 19, at 12:00 PM

Jaco 'Give me a gig, you know ...?' Simultaneously, that's one of the most hilarious and thoroughly heartbreaking phrases ever uttered by a master musician. Opening the 1985 Jaco Pastorius Bass Guitar Instructional video, host Jerry Jemmott (a legend in his own right) heaps praise upon Pastorius for his one-of-a-kind style and his revolutionary approach to the bass guitar, only to hear the response of:...

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Note By Note - Joe Louis Walker
Posted Friday, October 9, at 8:16 AM

Joe Louis Walker Everybody Wants A Piece Since first seeing Joe Louis Walker (JLW) up close and personal on a bandstand in California back in the early 1990s, I've been a pretty big supporter of the immensely-talented bluesman. That experience, however, also led me to believe for many years that the only true way to fully absorb all that JLW was laying down was in a live concert setting. ...

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Note By Note - Ian Siegal
Posted Sunday, October 4, at 11:34 AM

Ian Siegal When he talks, it's a dead giveaway that he's from near Portsmouth (population 205,400), on the south coast of England. But when Ian Siegal sings the blues and plays guitar, one would swear that the Englishman hailed from near Potts Camp (population 494), deep in the heart of Marshall County, Mississippi...

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Note By Note - August '15
Posted Sunday, August 9, at 3:58 PM

Sonny Landreth Bound By The Blues Welcome back, Sonny Landreth. We've missed you. Actually, the Mississippi-born, Louisiana-raised slide guitarist supreme has not really been gone. But his latest album -- Bound By The Blues -- is a welcome return to form for the mighty Landreth, who's previous album, 2012's Elemental Journey, was marked with something of a jazzy/classical approach...

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Note By Note - Neal Schon
Posted Friday, June 12, at 1:47 PM

Neal Schon Vortex Having sold darn-near 90 million records (let that sink in for just a second; 90 million!!!) as a member of Journey, you could forgive Neal Schon should he decide to never pick up a guitar again. Thankfully, Schon - who is long overdue for his rightful spot in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame - doesn't seem content to just lay around on the beach all day and let his royalty checks pile up...

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Note By Note - Black Oak Arkansas
Posted Friday, May 22, at 9:57 AM

Black Oak Arkansas The Complete Raunch 'N' Roll Live I fear that there may be a generation of music aficionados out there that view Black Oak Arkansas (BOA) as merely a one-hit wonder. Judging from the limited output that one hears from BOA on classic rock radio these days, you could hardly blame them. ...

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Note By Note - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
Posted Thursday, April 16, at 12:04 PM

John Mayll's Bluesbreakers Live in 1967 I don't have a vote, but if I did, I would make it a personal mission to see that Tom Huissen is inducted into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame. Who is Tom Huissen, you ask? A semi-obscure guitarist or maybe a pioneering drummer?...

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Note By Note - Toto
Posted Saturday, March 21, at 7:27 AM

Toto Toto XIV Bittersweet might not be a totally accurate way to describe Toto's first studio release in almost 10 years, but it has to hit pretty close to the mark. Not because of the music contained within Toto XIV -- it's spectacular. Rather, because Toto XIV's release date of March 20 comes less than a week after longtime bassist Mike Porcaro passed away at age 59 after a lengthy battle with Lou Gehrig's disease. ...

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Note By Note - Leo Bud Welch
Posted Saturday, March 14, at 10:01 AM

Leo Bud Welch I Don't Prefer No Blues Junior Kimbrough. R.L. Burnside. T-Model Ford. Even though I have never been officially recognized as president of the Fat Possum Records' Fan Club, I respectfully submit another entry into the Holy Trinity of bluesmen that have made the legendary outfit from Oxford, Mississippi into one of the most important and essential record labels in the modern blues era...

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Note By Note - Robin Trower
Posted Sunday, February 22, at 3:41 PM

Robin Trower Something's About To Change A guitar-playing buddy of mine once remarked about one of Robin Trower's solos, 'Man, he sure doesn't get in any hurry does he? He knows exactly where he's going and how long it takes to get there. Kinda' reminds me a bit of Albert King in that way.'...

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Note By Note - Eric Johnson & Mike Stern
Posted Thursday, October 16, at 7:37 AM

Eric Johnson & Mike Stern Eclectic The storied career of guitar virtuoso Eric Johnson has long been characterized by a couple of different hallmarks; his incredible and distinctive mastery of his instrument, along with a propensity to take his own sweet time between projects...

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