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Note By Note - Neal Schon (06/12/15) 6

Note By Note - Black Oak Arkansas (05/22/15)

Note By Note - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (04/16/15)

Note By Note - Toto (03/21/15) 1

Note By Note - Leo Bud Welch (03/14/15)

Note By Note - Robin Trower (02/22/15)

Note By Note - Eric Johnson & Mike Stern (10/16/14) 11

Note By Note - Levin Brothers (09/20/14) 4

Note By Note - Flying Colors (09/15/14)

Note By Note - Chick Corea (09/07/14)

Bobby Broom Organi-Sation; Live at Arkansas Music Pavilion (07/25/14) 1

Johnny Winter 1944-2014 (07/17/14) 4

Note By Note - Lefty Williams Band (07/11/14)

Note By Note - Pork Chop Willie (06/11/14) 4

Note By Note - Styx (06/04/14)

Note By Note - Toto (05/30/14)

Note By Note - The String Cheese Incident (05/30/14)

Note By Note - Stanton Moore (05/28/14)

Note By Note - Mindi Abair (05/23/14)

Note By Note - KM Williams (05/14/14)

Note By Note - Kelly Richey Band (05/05/14)

Note By Note - Magnum (04/10/14)

Note By Note - Paul Rodgers (03/28/14)

Note By Note - Allman Brothers Band (03/17/14)

Note By Note - Will Kimbrough (03/04/14)

A: We are Devo! (02/19/14) 3

Note By Note - Transatlantic (02/04/14)

Note By Note - Tommy Castro & The Painkillers (02/04/14)

Note By Note - Matt Schofield (01/23/14) 3

Note By Note - Boston (01/23/14)

Note By Note - Reverend Horton Heat (01/23/14)

Note By Note - Axel Rudi Pell (01/23/14)

Hughes brings new friends to old stomping grounds (06/22/11) 2

Hangout a hoot - again (06/03/11) 1

Iowa - the new home of Chicago blues? (02/08/11) 1

The outsider's outsider (12/20/10) 1

Happy homecoming for Gerry Moss (06/16/10)

Jordan and Jordan at the Final Four (03/30/10)

So long, Wildcat Tamer (02/16/10)

My best of 2009 (12/31/09)

Back Alley Blues bash all treats, no tricks (10/18/09)

Hounds are one class act in time of tragedy (09/17/09)

One Red Hot rocker (08/04/09)

The Legends are back (07/25/09)

El Hombre saves the day (07/15/09)

Great time for a great cause (06/04/09)

Idol thoughts from an idle mind (06/02/09) 3

Local band says, "Steely Dan - no problem." (03/15/09)

Mark Sallings, R.I.P. (03/02/09)

A return of the real Faces of rock-n-roll (01/22/09) 1

Best music of 2008? Here's my list - let's see yours (12/21/08)

No Cheap Trick; Budokan! better than ever (11/12/08)

Encyclopedia of punk rock (11/06/08)

This GravelRoad leads to deep south (10/29/08)

The Clash hit home run at Shea Stadium (10/24/08)

Job well done, Horseshoe Bend (10/03/08)

Doing the right thing (09/19/08)

English no issue on Turkey Mountain (08/27/08)

Rev. Peyton brings Whole Fam Damnily (08/02/08)

When will I learn? (07/14/08)

No slowing down Stephenson (07/02/08)

After 15 years, Chicago's "Stone" finally rolls (06/20/08) 3

Anyway the wind blows, Moreland and Arbuckle are the real deal (06/08/08)

Bo did know Diddly (06/02/08) 1

What it all means (05/31/08)

Nothing Fail, but a try
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Since my own high school sports career fizzled out before it really reached its zenith, I have managed to live vicariously through the student/athletes of the 16 high schools I've covered for Areawide Media since 2001. I've witnessed the highest of highs in the form of state championships. I have also seen first-hand the sting of disappointment when the ultimate prize was within reach, but still eluded the grasp of its pursuer. But through all the ups and downs associated with high school sports, my respect for the young competitors that suit up each night, along with the men and women who guide them, remains unwavering. Blog mission: With my passion for music, especially live music, running second only to my passion for sports, I'll try to devote this space to both. Especially when it concerns our region and what's happening around it. Look for commentary and features on area sports figures and musicians, along with things to get out and do in the beautiful Spring River/Ozarks area. But I'll not totally ignore the outside - I'll also hit on some national happenings in the wide worlds of sports and music.
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