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Note By Note - Levin Brothers

Posted Saturday, September 20, 2014, at 9:03 AM


Levin Brothers

Levin Brothers

Tony Levin's resume more than speaks for itself -- especially in progressive rock circles.

Appearances on stage and on the albums of the likes of Peter Gabriel and King Crimson -- along with Todd Rundgren, Pink Floyd and (Jon) Anderson (Bill) Bruford (Rick) Wakeman & (Steve) Howe - is more than enough to cement one's ability to play with the cream of the crop.

And although his name might not roll off a music connoisseur's tongue as easily as Tony's does, brother Pete Levin's list of musical colleagues is every bit as impressive and gaudy. Pete has logged time with jazz heavyweights like Jaco Pastorius, Miles Davis and Lenny White, to name just a few.

Despite such eye-popping stats - and although they were both members of Paul Simon's band together back in the late 1970s -- the one thing that has eluded the Levin brothers the past five decades, has been the time to get together and record an album as a combo.

Halleluiah! That is no longer the case and this one is most definitely worth that wait.

Levin Brothers (Lazy Bones Recordings) is a showcase for the astounding craftsmanship of Pete (piano, organ) and Tony Levin (bass, cello) and it brings the siblings' deep affection for traditional jazz to the forefront; the kind of jazz that certainly wouldn't have been out of place at Birdland or the Village Vanguard back in the late 50s and early 60s. While Levin Brothers does have that tone and timbre, by no means is the disc a retro affair filled with dusty, musty relics of a by-gone era. No, this one is fresh and immediate and moves along with the grace of a brisk summer breeze. It bops hard, it's sophisticated and cool, is frenetic in spots and is 100-percent groovy at all times.

As would be expected from this pair, the musicianship is world-class and that point is re-enforced numerous times throughout. More than just a family affair, however, the Levins get some excellent support from David Spinozza on guitar and Erik Lawrence on saxophone. The incomparable Steve Gadd also guests and lends his drums to a pair of bouncy cuts (the album-opener "Bassics" and the disc-closer "Fishy Takes a Walk").

One of the spotlight moments on the album is the Levin brothers' take on King Crimson's hauntingly-beautiful ballad, "Matte Kudasi." Tony helped write and played on the original, and in the able hands of him and Pete, the tune is given an intriguing makeover and would be a sure bet to bring the house down on the bandstand.

All-in-all, Levin Brothers is one intriguing and thoroughly-enjoyable disc. Here's hoping it won't be another five decades before we get a follow-up.

Visit: www.thelevinbrothers.com

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Uhm, Terry?

How's about why (one or more) becomes a Teacher and "all is forgot" - having swum nekkid 'neath the Southfork Bridge and there's "some others" all Respectable an' all now that they's

I guess, of a respectable age?

Clinton I never knew but, I've known a Judge or two inhaled.

I've made no secret what I's done but as I'm hearing TV commercials about

"how virtuous"

all the running pols is, when I know better

How do we choose?

Better Liars than me?

don't seem to be the best of credentials just generally speaking.

I guess we'll see.

-- Posted by HDucker on Wed, Oct 8, 2014, at 6:31 AM

Business as usual, HD ...business as usual.

-- Posted by Terry Mullins on Wed, Oct 8, 2014, at 7:00 AM

Well Terry it's botherin' the heck outta me - I've prided myself on bein't the "Liarenst Liar of Northern Arkansas"


These People spending all this money each way and that speaks more untruthfuls than I ever thought of kinda pisses me off.

I expected full well Bull Clinton might out-lie me in Fulton County - But Karl Rove?

A Texan Out-Lies A Arkie?!!!

Tom Cotten's a pretty good bet but, Karl Rove's got me plumb beat where lyin's concerned.

How can I hope to tell more untruths than Karl Rove?

Still, vote your conscience.

AS HL Mencken said, "Our's is the best [democracy] and we deserve it good and hard!"

Which it appears, we're getting.

Still ... it pisses me off Karl Rove ... but then I never had Megyn Kelly [FOX] tell me I was as full of shit as she did him.

Smaller audience. Bigger favor I reckon.

-- Posted by HDucker on Wed, Oct 8, 2014, at 8:13 AM

By the way Terry, you've gone to England!

I'd say "GB" but there was that little unseemly with Scotland's recent vote.

Oh heck Terry, "a friend" recommends this site - can't for the life of me, imagine why:


(I don't know who JK is - bloody nut'd appear but I don't know English.)

-- Posted by HDucker on Wed, Oct 8, 2014, at 8:46 AM

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