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The Last Pope

Posted Sunday, July 5, 2009, at 9:39 PM

There was a time when the whims of the Catholic Church ruled the world. It's known as the Dark Ages.

On April 2, 2005, Pope John Paul II passed away and was given the Rite of Extreme Unction.

As prescribed by traditional ritual of the Catholic Church in these circumstances, the chamberlain entered the room and asked the Pope, "Are you dead?" The chamberlain then tapped the Pope's head with a silver hammer and repeated the question. Assuming there was no reply, the chamberlain called out the Pope's baptismal name. With no response from the deceased, the chamberlain officially declared the Pope to be dead.

Pope John Paul II was replaced by a German cardinal named Josef Ratzinger who dubbed himself Pope Benedict XVI, not to be confused with Pope Benedict V who raped a young girl in 964 and absconded to Turkey with the papal treasury, or Pope Benedict IX who was so immoral he was forced to flee from Rome in 1032.

As Pope Benedict XVI takes over, a very curious process has been taking place in the procession of Popes.

Nearly a thousand years ago, in 1139, an Irish saint called Malachy met with Pope Innocent II in Rome. Known for his gift of prophecy, Saint Malachy went into a trance and received a vision about the future of the papacy. He described 112 popes who were to follow, beginning with Celestine II who became Pope in 1143.

Saint Malachy gave his list of 112 popes to Pope Innocent II who promptly stored it away in a vault where it remained for more than 400 years until its rediscovery in 1597. Although dismissed by some, Saint Malachy's prophesies have been remarkably accurate right up to the present.

For example, Saint Malachy's descriptions of the previous three Popes include the following.

Pope #108 -- Malachy described him as "Flos Florum" which means "flower of the flowers." Pope Paul VI (1963-78) was Giovanni Battista Montini whose coat of arms included three flowers of iris.

Pope #109 -- was termed "De Mediatate Lunae" by Malachy which means "from the half moon." Pope John Paul I (1978) was Albino Luciani who was made Pope on August 26, 1978 when the moon was half full and died a month later during the next half moon.

Pope #110 -- Malachy called him "De Labore Solis" meaning "out of a solar eclipse." Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) was Karol Josef Wojtyla who was born during a solar eclipse on May 8, 1920.

The Malachy prophesy for Pope #111, the present Pope, is "Gloria Olivae" which means "glory of the olive." This may be a reference to an olive branch which is the Biblical symbol of peace. Perhaps Pope Benedict XVI will become a peacemaker between religions or nations in these troubled times.

Pope #112, the last Pope on the list, is dubbed "Petrus Romanus" by Malachy meaning "Peter the Roman." According to the writings of Saint Malachy, "In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills (Rome) will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End."

The end, indeed.

Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, a close confidante to Popes for some 30 years and author of 16 books about Catholicism, was a Dead Seas Scroll scholar and chief exorcist for the Vatican, having been the role model for the priest in the movie THE EXORCIST. He was one of the few people who had knowledge of the Third Secret of Fatima, a prophesy given to some children in 1917 by the Virgin Mary concerning the future after World War II.

Just prior to his death in 1999, Father Martin claimed that this prophesy predicted terrible wars and diseases that will wipe out whole nations, three days of darkness, violent tornadoes and storms, and parts of the earth being washed into the sea. He believed this would happen not long after Pope John Paul II (#110) passed away.

If your ambition is to become Pope, you'd better get in line quickly. And if you're standing in line behind an Italian named Peter, you may want to consider entering another profession, far inland.

In 1139, St. Malachy described the next 112 popes in startling accurate detail, to be followed thereafter by the End of Days. Pope number 111 is presently at the helm.

A rather interesting set of circumstances.


Quote for the Day -- "When I do good, I feel good -- when I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion." Abraham Lincoln


Bret Burquest is an award-winning columnist and author of four novels. He lives in the Ozark Mountains with a dog named Buddy Lee and whose religion consists of everyone minding their own business. His blogs appear on several websites, including www.myspace.com/bret1111




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Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead!

I have found you!

I am in the process of attempting to respond to the first 1000 results in a google search for 'Peter the Roman', the final pontiff in the St. Malachy prophecies. Total results are over 3 million. Yet, the prophecy given in 1139 A.D. was in virtual obscurity for over 400 years until the invention of the printing press. In the computer age there has been a resurgence in the interest of the list of names.

As Jesus Christ spoke of not rejoicing that the spirits are subject to us, but that our names are written in heaven, and the fact that Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead to the office of 'Peter the Roman', I hold that the list of names in the St. Malachy prophecies are akin to, if not exactly, those very names written in heaven.

Even Nostradamus spoke of 'Peter the Roman' in Century VII, #24.

The use of 'the strong one' in the quatrain refers to Daniel 7:7.

Jesus Christ's resurrecting me is in His fulfillment of an agreement of contract law (Matthew 3:15) into which both He and I entered prior to my baptising Him.

Areawidenews is in the 101-200 page of results.

I am pleased to meet you.

Please feel free to respond.

The reality of the future is not totally revealed to us, it is written, "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of the wonders God has in store for us."

As Christ had sent me to bear him witness, I now bear witness that HEAVEN IS GREAT!!!

The world is saved through the Blessed Virgin Mary's Brown Scapular and Rosary as prophesied.

I normally use my surname, Edward Palamar, but I remain:

the resurrected John,

Prophet of the Most High,

whom Jesus Christ called the "Elias who was to come.",

St. John the Baptist,

enjoying the rapture in the call of duty as Peter the Roman


The regular problem I find in explaining what is plain to me (private revelation) is that some others regard what I say as a claim, as if they are holding something of mine (as a cloak check) that I need to present proof in order to regain that something of mine. For anyone to be this way indicates they indeed do have or think they have something of mine, else they wouldn't try to barter as such. Christ himself said, "An evil and wicked generation demands a sign." In that regard, I could just as well keep my mouth shut. But I do rejoice.

I trust Jesus as God to know the better of His plans, especially when it comes to putting spirit in and out of men. Is not our breath the breath of God? I think so. Christ also said, "If you are prepared to receive it, he (John [the Baptist]) was the Elijah who was to come." I don't think I was prepared to recieve it, but am capable now of understanding that.

God once took a man to heaven bodily, the prophet Elijah. As God appeared to Moses in the burning bush because to see God's glory directly would have caused Moses to die, something happened to Elijah to prevent him from suffering a similar fate for many years even though it is recorded that he went to heaven in a whirlwind. Any time beyond 120 years would have been the normal end for Elijah. It was part of God's plan to bring Elijah back in spirit, not in the flesh.

The spirit of Elijah was put back into corruptable flesh and God had created a living soul. Christ died to save souls. The Father in heaven via the angel Gabriel gave the name "John" to that particular living soul.

"John" was not given a seperate breath but that of Elijah. But when Christ raises that soul of "John", "John" is given a new course of both body and spirit, making "John" a living soul again.

In essence, I have been given a free ride. But such is the existence of any creature of God. "God blesses and curses whom He pleases." All living souls owe their existences to God, the Giver of Life. It is God who makes their souls alive. It is God's prerogative to name and apportion spirit as He sees proper.

Tertian Harmony and Chord Manual at :


Some recorded piano solos at :


-- Posted by Edward Palamar on Sun, Jan 31, 2010, at 8:01 PM


Speaking of Nostradamus -- I just posted a blog about Nostradamus and the death of Princess Diana. Then I noticed your comment here. Quite a synchronicity.

Thanks for your comments, BB


-- Posted by Bret Burquest on Wed, Feb 3, 2010, at 12:31 PM

There has been fulfillment in the past 6 years since our posts here, BB; specifically Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D. being the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12. (all the fulfillment I have moved to the final window : November 24-26, 2016 A.D.)

In the course of developments I managed to run a countdown to that day and now do so with the Three Days of Darkness, including here what has come to be something of a standard description of its basis :

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

I have something of an addenda to add to the ascertainment of Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D. being the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12 which includes the words : "Blessed in he who waits and comes unto 1,335 days."

I've never known the Lord to play jokes or tricks on me, and there is no way that one can play a joke or trick on the Lord.

Everything concerning the 1,335th day has been miraculous to me.

Even what I have to add, which is what the Lord spoke in Luke 21:26 : "the powers of heaven shall be moved", and how that relates to what has become more popular most recently on the internet, mainly, The Three Days of Darkness.

By all human standards, the Three Days of Darkness should have preceded May 8, 2016 A.D. on May 5th through the 7th : I actually hold that they have come, but like the flash of thunder which precedes the loud boom, there is such an effect from the powers of heaven being moved.

Think of it as how a computer handles a large chunk of continuous data : all that needs to be done to change the polarity of every bit of data in the chain is to apply a single charge to the first bit of data.

Now if the computer were set only to read in a certain mode of polarity, once the charge is applied, the computer could not read the data unless another charge were to be applied : and these variances could be caused at either end of the chain of data.

As man's wisdom is folly to the Lord (a day is as a thousand years to the Lord : 2 Peter 3:8 ), it can then be seen that the Lord is not only moving the time of the Three Days of Darkness, but quite possibly the space as well.

With those things in mind I include a longer form of basically this same addenda, with the anchor of the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12 as being immovable :

During the countdown to the fulfillment of Daniel 12:12 which was, is, and shall forever be, Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D., I began to include the 2,300th day of Daniel 8:14 as equating to the same date, including any future blessing with the blessing of Daniel 12:12.

As I see it now, the Lord was leading me to the 1,335th day but was going to give me a break and He didn't want me to forget the final computation to the end.

I have thought that all prophecy ends with that 1,335th day because St. Paul wrote that all prophecy would end but that love would endure forever. (1 Cor. 13:8 )

I began posting a daily update to the count when it was already at 860 days.

For the first 57 days of those 860, it was unknown to me what exactly was happening.

But something clicked on November 8, 2012 A.D. when I was sitting in front of the king (of the south) foretold in Daniel 11:40; I began to see him for that : an ancient prophecy foretold more than 2,500 years ago about that day when "the two kings shall sit".

But I still hadn't ascertained the specifics to be able to count the days as such.

For the next 698 days I would be his prisoner.

The following spring (in 2013 A.D.), however, was when I prayed publicly as a captive while court was in session; the conditions were horrific inclusive to the written basis for court protocol which was a complaint.

Having met David Ring (he has many preaching videos on YouTube) at an earlier time and then later having heard him exhort how we should not complain has been a staying influence since I read the complaint report.

Yet there are complaint forms in direct opposition to such exhortation.

That was the crux of what led me to pray while in the courtroom, so that God would show His mercy upon us rather than His wrath for grieving His Spirit.

In terms of conflict, I didn't break capture until October 7, 2014 A.D., and it would be another 105 days until I began to promulgate the fruit of that prayer online in terms of a countdown / countup to what still appears to me to be the Day of the Lord according to Malachi 4:5.

When I actually began to include a counting of the 2,300 day period, I thought/felt that I was going out on a limb, not having the fortitude that I had for the 1,335 day period; I basically concluded that even St. Paul's writing that all prophecy ending would occur on the 1,335th day.

To me, all other prophecies dovetailed into that day.

But the ascertainment / unsealing of the 1,335th day all hinged upon a single man's passing into eternal life, and he is one of the very kings foretold to be in Daniel 11:2.

Given the manifestation of the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12 as Ascension Sunday, May 8 2016 A.D., the absence of manifestations accompanying writings describing "The Three Days of Darkness" occurring on or near that date, especially the windows of March 24 - 26, 2016 A.D. and May 5 - 7, 2016 A.D., leads one to think of the Mercy of God and of a part of Luke 21:26 : "for the powers of heaven shall be moved".

So occurrences at the end of the Liturgical Years for the Byzantine and Latin (Roman) Rites come to mind, August 29 - 31, 2016 A.D. and November 24 - 26, 2016 A.D.

Many are the prophecies foretelling of a snatching (rapturing), transfer, removal in the latter times, and so can be seen now such moving as foretold by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Below is the brief message of more than 60 years of research, prayer, and study :

The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ has begun!

The Return of Our Lord is an Act of Justice, Love, and Mercy!

The Judgment is Everlasting : Eternal Peace is coming!

Great and Holy Thursday, March 24th, 2016 A.D., is the 1,290th day of Daniel 12:11.

Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D., is the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12 (cf. Malachi 4:5).

The First Year of Judgment began September 1, 2015 A.D. (the Final Day of Indiction) and the following First Sunday of Advent, November 29, 2015 A.D.

The First Sunday of Advent for the Second Year of the Judgment, November 27th, 2016 A.D., is the Day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5), the Day of the Great Illumination, the Day of Triumph for the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the conversion of Russia, the end of World War III, and the fulfillment of the 2,300 day cleansing period of Daniel 8:14.

It is the day foretold that the world would be saved through Our Lady's Brown Scapular and Holy Rosary.

Satan and his minions have been cast into hell (to be temporarily released during the Three Days of Darkness).

Just as I saw the opening/unsealing of the Book of Daniel as regards chapter 12, verse 12 with the passing of a soul to eternal life, so another date was given in like manner : August 11.

So the counting for those 2,300 days began August 11, 2010 A.D., which is completed by the First Sunday of Advent for the Second Year of the Judgment, November 27, 2016 A.D.

Recently there has been a rise in articles regarding the Three Days of Darkness.

A warning sign 8 (eight) days prior is due to come so that all may prepare : November 16, 2016 A.D., the beginning of the Leonid meteor shower.

November 23, 2016 A.D. is also supposed to be exceptionally cold.

The Three Days of Darkness are November 24th through the 26th, 2016 A.D. unless the powers be moved yet again.

Updates to the countdown to the Three Days of Darkness at :


-- Posted by Edward Palamar on Sun, Oct 30, 2016, at 7:56 PM

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