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Small Town Brain Teaser

Posted Thursday, August 23, 2012, at 4:18 PM

GEOGRAPHY QUIZ -- Match List #1 with List #2


1) Black Hammer, Blue Earth, Rollingstone, Fertile, Climax

2) Washington, Madison, Lincoln, Waterproof, New Roads

3) Tahlequah, Wapanucka, Waukomis, Chickasha, Choctaw

4) Independence, Pittsburg, Auburn, Duluth, Moscow

5) Independence, Pittsburg, Auburn, London New Haven

6) Independence, Pittsburg, Auburn, London, Newark

7) Independence, Pittsburg, Aurora, Laddonia, New Haven

8) Wauwatosa, Waupaca, Wausaukee, Manitowoc, Mukwonago

9) Paradise, Power, Superior, Wisdom, Plentywood

10) Parachute, Rifle, Sunbeam, El Jebel, Virginia Dale

11) Cleveland, Savannah, Paris, Portland, Springfield

12) Des Moines, Sacramento, Pie Town, Loving, High Rolls

13) Nevada, California, Louisiana, Oregon, Mexico

14) Twin Peaks, Weed Patch, Pumpkin Center, Nice, Cool

15) Congress, Superior, Sunrise, Blue, Skull Valley

16) Albatross, Citation, Whirlaway, Cardigan Bay, Rock Sand

17) Jerusalem, Palestine, Ozone, Ink, Oil Trough

18) Madison, Portland, Lincoln, Camden, Belfast

19) Athens, Reno, Paris, Atlanta, Detroit

20) Athens, Reno, Rome, Belfast, Dublin


A) Towns in Kansas

B) Towns in California

C) Towns in California

D) Towns in Kentucky

E) Towns in Colorado

F) Towns in Oklahoma

G) Towns in Wisconsin

H) Towns in Minnesota

I) Towns in Missouri

J) Towns in Louisiana

K) Towns in Montana

L) Towns in Arkansas

M) Towns in New Mexico

N) Towns in Arizona

O) Towns in Texas

P) Towns in Missouri

Q) Towns in Tennessee

R) Towns in Georgia

S) Towns in Maine

T) Famous Race Horses

ANSWERS: 1-H, 2-J, 3-F, 4-A, 5-D, 6-B, 7-I, 8-G, 9-K, 10-E, 11-Q, 12-M, 13-P, 14-C, 15-N, 16-T, 17-L, 18-S, 19-O, 20-R


20 -- Highly unlikely

17-19 -- Get a life

11-16 -- Well travelled

6-10 -- Not bad

1-5 -- Bad guesser

Zero -- Highly unlikely


Quote for the Day -- "I hate small towns because once you've seen the cannon in the park there's nothing else to do." Lenny Bruce


Bret Burquest is the author of 9 books, including THE REALITY OF THE ILLUSION OF REALITY and 11:11 EARTH TIME (available on Amazon). He lives in the Ozark Mountains with a dog named Buddy Lee and occasionally talks to trees.




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