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Herman Cain's Ugh Oh Moment

Posted Monday, October 31, 2011, at 10:16 PM

Woman in moat. Believe me.
Ugh oh. Herman Cain pulled a big no-no and it came back to bite him and his candidacy. He settled in a sexual harassment case. Now, I am no F. Lee Bailey or juris doctor or anything, but this truth I hold to be evident: settlements aren't made unless there is plenty of evidence on the plaintiff's side. It is the last step before going to court. Always.

Besides, if a candidate is going to show himself to be randy, it is best to do so once he is elected, a la Arnold and Bill Clinton, though it can be like holding a lit match to a stick of dynamite. The thing is that this has been going on since Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, maybe even before especially in merry Old England with guys like King Henry VIII, who was hard to please in the wife department. Had I been in line to marry someone like that, I would have thought about it two and three times. Then, if I had no alternative, I would have run away from home or thrown myself into a moat.

I know that we all have urges. Otherwise, no one would be here and you wouldn't be reading this, but the best thing to do is not to mix them, as they can be like TNT and a lit match. On the positive side, it is happy news for our current president who must be salivating over the news. For now, the best thing for Herman Cain to do is to hire the same PR guns that other big wigs hire when they have similar ugh ohs, though after doing lots of 'splaining, it may not be enough, and he may wish he had taken several cold showers beforehand or gone swimming in a moat instead.

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I happened to have a career in health care and know that settlements do get made without complete and conclusive evidence. Sometimes it is just prudent to settle a case that is small in nature rather than paying a lawyer to defend you in court. With bleeding hear jurists one sometimes ends up with people on a jury who are willing to give anyone a piece of the pie especially if that person or business has money and would be hurt by the publicity of accusations whether true or false. If you don't know the facts (known facts vs rumors) then don't propose to convict the man in public forums!!

-- Posted by caregvr on Sat, Nov 5, 2011, at 12:34 PM

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