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Mookie, Dog Genius

Posted Sunday, January 8, 2012, at 5:55 PM

All living creatures are born with certain traits and strengths. This is why plants grow and bees buzz. Those are their strengths. They are configured that way and there's little anyone can do about it.

My dogs also have strengths, and I am certain that one of them is a genius computer programmer wrapped in a mongrel body. I first learned this one day last summer when I was on the computer and he did the two-step on my keyboard and somehow rotated the screen. Although I tried imitating Mookie Moo's the steps, I couldn't not only because I am computer impaired but because he rotated the screen sideways and it was hard typing like that. The only way I could type was if I held it like a book while hitting the keys sideways. It got old quickly, so I called Dell computers where someone in the Philippines answered. The technician couldn't figure it out, either, so he had to take remote control of the computer. Forty-five minutes later, the screen was back to normal while the dog, utterly not sorry, was either sleeping or licking his paws by then. I don't remember which, but all I could do was tell him I wish he wouldn't do things like that, over and over and over like a mantra.

That's what I said when he wolfed down a canister of raisins and I had to rush him to the after hours emergency vet, because let's face it, if a dog is going to scarf down raisins, which I know can kill them in large quantities, he is going to do it during emergency hours when the regular vet is closed. Sometimes I think that they can tell time, and after that, they never forgot us because we have been back since with one thing or another.

Now I know to keep raisins and other food locked away, but the other day, he reconfigured my computer again. It happened when I was typing with one hand while holding a sandwich in the other. In the middle of an important keystroke, he positioned himself on the keyboard and the Internet went down. I tried recapturing his footwork but to no avail, so I had to call for help while calmly repeating, "I wish you wouldn't do that" over and over and over again like a crazed woman's mantra. The message machine at AOL said that there may be a button on the outside of my computer to turn it back on, but there weren't any buttons anywhere, so after a failed attempt with the AOL technician anyway, it was back to Dell. However, during my attempts to be neat and organized for an upcoming move, I packed the computer's express service code away and told the technician it had a bunch of X's and C's in it followed by some numbers and that maybe he could look it up. It was nothing doing on that end, and he had me reboot the computer while hitting some keys that displayed the express service code. After a few minutes, it was up and running again.

But one thing is certain: That dog knows more than I've given him credit for.

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I would have lost it just trying to deal with those techs on the phone and the repeated questions they ask you! haha

My dog is an awesome computer tech. She tests the air temp as it comes out of the side of my lap top. She wishes she was in Cabo, Mexico all the time.

Give the dog some credit when due, haha.

-- Posted by Bigozarkhill on Mon, Jan 9, 2012, at 4:46 PM

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