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Shantelle Hicks, Planned Parenthood is Looking for You

Posted Friday, March 9, 2012, at 9:16 AM

It is 15 year-olds like Shantelle Hicks and her lawyers that make me consider taping my Republican membership card back together and going to one of thei rallies.

After the powers that be at Hicks' school, Wingate Elementary, a K-8 boarding school in New Mexico, learned that Hicks was pregnant, they expelled her. But she was readmitted after the ACLU informed the school that they couldn't deny her an education because of her condition. So after readmitting her, they made her stand during an assembly and announced her condition in a way that led her to believe they they weren't going to throw her a baby shower.

"It was so embarrassing to walk into the gymnasium and have all the kids staring at me," said Hicks. "I didn't want the whole school to know I was pregnant because it's not their business."

(Sidebar: Had the child been using her noodle, she would have realized that some would have pieced things together because pregnancies and subsequent babies are hard to hide especially after they walk, talk, cry and ask to borrow the car... But it may help explain why she is still in middle school at fifteen, which is when she is supposed to be in high school, though I digress.)

Hick's mother said that he public humiliation was wrong and that her daughter shouldn't have been treated differently because she's pregnant.

Obviously she and my mother hailed from different sides of the parenting spectrum because it would have been a dark day in my young life had I ever come home and announced that I had a bun in the oven.

First, they would have opened the oven door and looked for some bread baking. That failed, they would have taken me to the doctor for drug testing or a CAT scan. After that, things would have started going south -- and fast.

That's why I never did anything like drive a car through a window, disrespect a teacher, or anything else that would have landed my name on the village police blotter. It was that threat that kept me in line, the threat of what, I did not know, but I wasn't going to be nutty enough to find out. And I recommend it as a sound parenting technique.

Once when I was in the throes of a short-lived modeling phase, I visited a photographer who suggested taking some compromising shots. But a picture of my father with an expression of nausea and disgust ran in front of my eyes like a film reel, and I passed on the idea. Ms. Hicks no doubt would have gone for it and her mother would have gurgled something about the body being beautiful and all those other parenting ideas that got us into this mess to begin with.

That's why the school was wrong and right. They were wrong in how they went about sending their message and right in wanting to send it because someone who is not even old enough to drive or vote or join the military is also not old enough to have a baby, not in this country, anyway.

Now that the economy is thawing and construction is on the upswing, someone ought to take a bulldozer to the ACLU's headquarters at night and give it the old heave-ho. It would be time and money well spent.

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"... lawyers that make me consider taping my Republican membership card back together, finding a rhinestone pin with the American flag on it and going to a meeting."

Kinda made me go through some throes myself. (Don't know whether to describe befuddlement as "throws of a modelling" anything though.) " They were wrong in how they went about sending their message and right in wanting to send it because someone who is not even old enough to drive or vote or join the military is also not old enough to have a baby, not in this country, anyway."

Driving and enlisting in the military are matters of law. The age ability for having a baby is biology. As for taping your old Republican membership card back together - make certain the meeting you go to isn't featuring Rick Santorum.

-- Posted by HDucker on Fri, Mar 9, 2012, at 9:35 AM

Will do, H. Drucker, and welcome back! ; )

-- Posted by Gail-TzipporahSaunders on Fri, Mar 9, 2012, at 10:00 AM

Thanks kindly Gail-Tzipporah, I'm usually lurking about - commenting as the subject material arises. I "almost" commented on one of your earlier posts - too bad you didn't do a follow-up. I do realize you're a Teacher. English if not Geography:

(Click - "No Thanks" [might need to scroll] unless you wish to subscribe):


-- Posted by HDucker on Fri, Mar 9, 2012, at 11:37 PM

Nothing here has been said about how this child became pregnant. Was she raped? Was she put in a situation that she was unprepared to deal with? That the teachers and administrators of that school would abuse this child and open up the door to her being bullied and shunned by classmates and the community is inexcusable. What is done is done, and another child will born into the world because of it. Shantelle needs support from the adults around her. I am a teacher in an infant and toddler early childhood education classroom for a local school district. We provide quality daycare and support services for students who are pregnant or have a child so that they can graduate from high school and will be prepared to be good parents and good members of their community. We teach the teen parents life skills and parenting skills. Over the years (yes, this program has existed here for over 20 years) we have occasionally had teen moms as young as 14 years old. One of them will be graduating this year and her little 3 year old daughter is a bright, energetic child who has a wonderful, caring and informed mother thanks to the support she has received through our program.

-- Posted by PHannon on Sat, Mar 10, 2012, at 11:11 AM

Hi, P. Hannon,

If she had been raped, then the article probably would have said so, but havign worked in a middle school, I can say she was probably a willing participant.

G. Saunders

-- Posted by Gail-TzipporahSaunders on Sun, Mar 11, 2012, at 9:07 AM

G. Saunders With all due respect, you have absolutely no idea what her situation was or how much education she had received on the subject of sex. We have had girls in our program, for whom rapes, or what would normally be considered rape, were not reported.

Also, nothing has been said about the father. Who is he and what about his responsibility in this situation? How old is he? Why has no one even asked these obvious questions?

-- Posted by PHannon on Sun, Mar 11, 2012, at 5:18 PM


We start off early watching television and then envisioning our American dream. As a child, we play with our babies, doll houses, and writing in our diaries. We start at the tender age of 4 or 5 looking for our prince charming to marry. Over time, we replace our crushes of princes and other Disney characters with real boys. Sometimes it is the boy that sits next to you in class or a movie star. Either way, it is getting you ready for that all important task called LOVE.........



-- Posted by santa88 on Mon, Jun 11, 2012, at 11:46 AM

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