BUYING BLACK Walnuts: $15/hundred pound after hulling, Mon-Sat. noon-8pm. Call for appointment any other day/time. J&S Walnut Hulling, 813 Fawnwood Rd, 5-miles west of Viola, 2-miles east of Gepp on Hwy. 62/412. (870)458-2193/(870)710-0224.
BUYING BLACK Walnuts. Located on Hwy. 63, 5-miles N, Thayer, MO. 2-miles S Kosh. Start Oct. 2. Mon-Sat. 9am-6pm. Sun. 1pm-6pm. $15.00/100lbs after hulling. Days: (417)264-4900, cell: 417-280-0006, Nights: 417-938-4308.
ARE YOU Looking for Child Care? Call Child Care Aware of Northcentral Arkansas at 1-800-737-2237 or 1-870-793-5233, a non-profit program that helps parents locate child care in Northcentral Ar. All free of charge. Visit www.ccana.org for more information.
NO HUNTING or trespassing day or night on land in Fulton and Sharp counties. Anyone who is caught trespassing on Southfork Farms or land owned by Mike Smith on Slick Rock Trail Rd, Hardy will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
ARE YOU downsizing or selling your entire estate. I will do buy outs of estates, partial whole house, or apartments. Contacts Gene at 573-996-6394 for details.
PUMPKINS, HAY Rides, kids-corn-maze, squash, gourds, cornstalks, cider. Mountain Home Berry Farm. 693 CR 57. Fridays, 12pm-5pm, Saturdays & Sundays, 10am-5pm. (870)425-7028.