I BUY Old costume jewelry, large and small amounts, and old safety razors. (870)283-8024 or 870-283-1087.
WANTED: USED large mobile home. 1990 model or later. Must be very reasonable priced. Call (870)613-0597.
CASH FOR Salvage automobiles, trunks, dump trucks, farm and heavy equipment of all kinds, motor homes, house trailer. We can move it. Also can move mobile homes for individuals. (870)612-2715 Cave City, Tommy St.John.
WANTED PASTURE ground for rent or lease in Viola and surrounding area, (870)458-2238.
RENTAL NEEDED Immediately: 2-bed. w/garage, basement, or storage shed, for single lady. Clean quiet and pays rent on time. Have you had a house for sale for an extended period of time? Would you consider renting it out? Leave message, (870)710-3010.