Plant Sale and Herbfest

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Photos by Steven Looney

The Mammoth Spring Garden Club could not have asked for a better day for a sale than Saturday morning, April 25. With the sun shining bright and a light fresh breeze coming off Mammoth Spring and Spring River, the club held their annual herb and plant sale. The Mammoth Spring Garden Club maintains the herb and plant garden on the left side of the entrance to the Arkansas State Park Information Center parking lot. The Herb Garden established in 1990 is ever changing and a living example of medicinal herbs, once used for many aliments from heartburn to nerve tonic. The Tansy plant was used to repel ants and cockroaches and the Boxwood was once used to treat baldness, toothaches and leprosy. Most of these plants are now used as ornamentals, for potpourri and many recognized herbs used for culinary purposes. The Mammoth Spring Garden Club offered a wide variety of starter plants, both garden variety and flowering plants, for sale. This year the club invited a special guest to display with them. BZ's Vermiculture was on hand with organic fertilizer. The home-based small business uses earthworm castings and minerals mined in Colorado to produce organic fertilizer. The formula has elements that are immediate nutrition to your plants and some is time released over a period of three to four months. Compost mulch from a mushroom farm is used for the base of their soil builder product. "This all evolved from a love of fishing," Barry Nye said. "I started growing night crawlers to fish with, and then found there was more that could be done." Daylene Fox, Nye's partner said, "This has come along by talking to people, just finding out what their needs are, and what they are looking for." All proceeds from the plant sale will be used to continue to maintain and build the herb and plant garden at the Mammoth Spring State Park. For information about Mammoth Spring State Park and upcoming events, stop by and pick up a schedule at the information center, or go on-line: or phone: 870-625-7654.