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Stories from Monday, March 5, 2012

High Tech Lunch Line and more electronic devices at Salem Schools (03/05/12)
Technology issues were the main topics of discussion at the Feb. 20 Salem School Board meeting. "On Feb. 1, we made the transition to new nutrition record keeping software," Superintendent Ken Rich told the board. "The biggest change that has occurred is in the high school, where students now punch in their I-D as they go through the lunch line, and that's working quite well after a couple of days of being slower than normal."...
Adams participating in CSI training (03/05/12)
Sharp County Deputy Jeff Adams is currently participating in a Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program at the Criminal Justice Institute in Little Rock. The six session course is being funded by the Sharp County Sheriff's Department. Upon completion, Adams will be able to better assist the department in advanced evidence collection techniques...
Prosecutor honored for aiding wildlife investigation (03/05/12)
Oregon County Prosecutor Fred O'Neill thought when he walked into his office last week that the four conservation officials waiting for him were there about a wildlife violation investigation. After all, O'Neill had been working closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation for months on such cases...