EP River rules clarified

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Staff Writer

OREGON COUNTY -- Officials with the Mark Twain National Forest have announced that a special order will be signed concerning the Eleven Point National Scenic River. The order will consolidate regulations on the river under one order. Currently these regulations are in two separate special orders. A special order is issued by a forest supervisor to deal with specific issues associated with a certain national forest service area.

According to forest service supervisor Ronnie Raum, the new order will clarify the 25 horsepower outboard motor limitation on the river.

The revised order will clearly state the horsepower rating certified by the manufacturer will be used. Forest Service officials said this position is consistent with information presented by District Ranger Jerry Bird at a public meeting held on the subject at Alton last August. Raum said the order is also consistent with the State Water Patrol's interpretation of outboard motor horsepower ratings.

The other issue being incorporated into the order is that glass containers of any kind are prohibited while traveling the Eleven Point River.

Mark Twain National Forest Service officers manage 44 miles of the Eleven Point River in Oregon County which includes Greer Spring, the second largest spring in Missouri. Raum said he will sign the new order before the end of March to ensure it is in effect prior to the upcoming river use season.

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