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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Boldly Going Nowhere

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Presidential Candidates

Sometimes when making decisions you have to be creative. Based upon three unorthodox methodologies, here are the basic characteristics of some of the presidential candidates in the November election. Personality type is based on the characterology of a person's first name. Astrology relies on a person's date and time of birth. Numerology defines traits based on a numerical conversion of a person's full name.

Republican Party: George Walker Bush *Platform: Nurture corporate interests and police the world. *Personality type: Sentimental Sermonizer -- A strong-willed man of combat, prone to extremes of beliefs. *Astrology: Cancer (7/6/46) -- Deep feelings, sensitive, emotional, defensive. *Numerology: (9, 6) -- Humanitarian with a desire for family bliss and wealth.

Democratic Party: John Forbes Kerry * Platform: Tax and spend on social engineering. Large government will solve all problems. *Personality type: Warrior Monk -- Intelligent, demanding, stubborn, thinks he's smarter than everyone else. *Astrology: Sagittarius (12/11/43) -- Philosophical, generous, impatient, argumentative. *Numerology: (7, 9) -- Deep thinker wanting to help others.

Libertarian Party: Michael J. Badnarik *Platform: Less government and more individual freedom. A free economy and an end to the war on drugs. *Personality type: Honest Judge -- Courageous with confidence. Logical with prodigious energy. *Astrology: Leo (8/1/54) -- Confident, honorable, creative, expressive. *Numerology: (5, 8) -- Versatile adventurer wanting to be a leader.

Reform Party: Ralph Nader *Platform: Reduce corporate influence in government. Reform private pension plans and medical insurance. *Personality type: Generous Heart -- Very active and nervous. Independent, often belligerent and irritable. * Astrology: Pisces (2/27/34) -- Compassionate, dreamy, adaptable, insecure. * Numerology: (7, 8) -- Deep thinker seeking wisdom and perfection.

Green Party: David Cobb *Platform: Protect the environment. Promote social justice and nonviolent resistance. *Personality type: Proud Messenger -- Energetic with hair-trigger emotions and an overwhelming ego. *Astrology: Date of birth unknown. *Numerology: (7, 3) -- Deep thinker with ambitious desires.

Independent: Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr. * Platform: Prevent globalists and international bankers from undermining a self-contained America. *Personality type: Zealous Knight -- Acute sense of justice, driven by high ideals. Fanatical zeal, belligerent. *Astrology: Virgo (9/8/22) -- Empathetic, charming, moody, eccentric. *Numerology: (1, 9) -- Individualist wanting to help others

Constitution Party: Michael Anthony Peroutka *Platform: Restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations. *Personality type: Honest Judge -- Courageous with confidence. Logical with prodigious energy. *Astrology: Born in 1952, exact date of birth unknown. *Numerology: (3, 8) -- Creative but unstable, seeking wisdom and perfection.

Name characterology, astrology and numerology may not be a very scientific approach for choosing a leader but it's probably better than believing empty campaign promises or going along with the voting herd.

We live in a hostile world governed by imperfect people trying to guide an imperfect populace through an uncertain future. Choosing an imperfect person to guide us through the uncertain future is an opportunity that only comes along every four years. And there are plenty of imperfect candidates to choose from.

Bret Burquest is an award-winning columnist and author of four novels, which are available at Amazon.com. He can be contacted at bret@centurytel.net.