Crase says signs needed at both 63/19 intersections

Thursday, October 24, 2002

THAYER -- Thayer and Mammoth Spring businessman Bob Crase has been busy recently trying to convince the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) that a stretch of highway in the Thayer city limits needs and deserves business route signs furnished by the transportation department.

The stretch of highway in question is Highway 19 from the 63/19 north junction to the 63/19 south junction, 2.1 miles of roadway.

"Before 1967 Highway 19 was the main route of travel through Thayer and accessed by many thriving businesses.

In 1967 Highway 63 was opened and went around Thayer and coupled with a law called Limited Highway Access left many businesses isolated and off the Highway 63 beaten path," Crase said.

Crase said as the practice has continued for a number of years and in his opinion and other citizens and business people in Thayer, substantial commerce, revenue and taxation has been lost because motorists and tourists lack information, not being aware of the services offered by the more than 30 businesses along the business routes.

"This includes service stations, restaurants, lodging, vehicle and tire repair and more. These businesses have faithfully paid property taxes, collected sales tax and attempted to prosper while being separated from the rest of the business world by the lack of proper signage," the business owner said.

There is currently one mileage information sign north of the north 63/19 junction. It informs southbound motorists and tourists to proceed south one mile to Thayer.

Crase said it fails to notify motorists and tourists that they may exit at this junction to receive services such as gas, food, lodging and others services.

"We (Business Route 63 owners) think substantial commerce, revenue and taxation is being lost because of the lack of information of services along this stretch of roadway. We are asking that MoDOT construct substantial, adequate signage at both north and south of the north and south junctions of 63/19 indicating Business Route," Crase said in a recent letter to MoDOT officials.

The business owner said he had received positive response from his request about the signs and hopes to see some type of action in the near future.

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