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Friday, May 6, 2016

A Girl On A Mission

Thursday, February 14, 2002

A cycle continues daily - it's babies having babies. But the problem doesn't stop there. It has become an additional burden to taxpayers.

Young girls in junior high and high school are giving birth to children at an unbelievable rate.

For many youth it is a struggle just to get through high school, let alone deal with taking care of a child. To raise a child in a good wholesome, loving environment requires a lot of work and sacrifices.

What most of these young mothers do not realize is the fact they will probably be the one making all the sacrifices. Chances are the father of the child is not going to help rear the child.

Beware, girls, the father is not likely to support your baby. He is not going to work. He is not going to stay up with the child when your baby is sick.

But the problem does not exist just with the dad. Many mothers are not taking the responsibility of properly taking care of their child. They place innocent babies in dangerous situations when they become involved with boys who have felony records and are known abusers.

Children are being abused and neglected, but often the mother remains in the situation because she is convinced the boy loves her and will change.

Guess what, girls. Read the handwriting on the wall - your child will become dysfunctional just like you. It's a plague.I believe part of the problem stems from young women suffering from a lack of self esteem. They become involved with boys who are controlling and the boys use that to their advantage; he feeds off of her submissiveness. Instead of building her up, he breaks her down over a period of time. And soon, he has total control of her. She then is afraid to be alone and believes staying in a bad situation is her only option.

A wise man told me that many are sick due to lack of good food, fresh air and hard work. They become sick in mind, body and spirit due to the inefficiency of our nutrition.

I believe this to be just part of the problem. I'm not sure what the solution is to help young women recognize the warning signs of getting involved with young men who will only cause them heartache and misery. There are warning signs, but generally women ignore them.

My suggestion to young girls is to stay in school, get an education and keep your mind on your school studies. Get a career, further your education.