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Bend man arrested for child abuse

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Staff Writer

A Horseshoe Bend man was arrested Dec. 30 when he allegedly left bruises on his 8-year-old son's body when he spanked him.

Melvin Hawkins, 27, is accused of physically abusing his son. The Horseshoe Bend Police Department started an investigation after the alleged abuse was reported Dec. 25 by a nurse employed at White River Medical Center, said Horseshoe Bend Police Chief Fred Mitchell.

The nurse reported to authorities that the child had been struck numerous times with a belt during a visit to his father's house, officer Carl Boles reported.

The hospital documented the abuse with photos and contacted the Division of Children and Family Services, Boles said.

The child's mother, Cynthia Nicholson, brought her son to the Horseshoe Bend Police Department Dec. 26 to report the abuse.

Nicholson told authorities she had noticed that her son had bruising on his buttocks and leg after he returned from a visit with his father, Boles said.

The child told authorities he had received two spankings during a stay with his father, Boles said. He also told officers his father had struck him about 40 to 50 times with a belt during each spanking, Boles continued.

Boles noted substantial bruising covering both buttocks and his lower legs. He also observed a bruise on the front part of his upper leg and a small cut on his back, he said.

Boles spoke to the victim's 9-year-old brother and he confirmed the story.

Boles said Hawkins confessed to spanking his son twice, but he said he thinks his son's occurred during a four-wheeler ride. Hawkins also told authorities he had hit his son five times during each spanking, Boles said.

Hawkins was released from the Horseshoe Bend jail after he posted a bond the same day in the amount of $1,050.

Boles and officer Sonny Gerringer investigated the incident.

A Horseshoe Bend man was arrested Dec. 31 when he was caught with illegal drugs, according to authorities.

While on patrol, officer Mark Long observed Daniel Bennett, 20, standing under a shelter at Veteran's Park on Cardinal Road.

Long said the park has a history of drug activity at night so he questioned Bennett who appeared nervous, Long reported.

While Long was questioning Bennett a small truck drove by several times. Long questioned Bennett about the vehicle but he denied any association, Long reported.

Bennett attempted to flee but Long was able to grab the suspect's jacket, the officer said.

After a struggle Long handcuffed Bennett. He found a set of postage scales along with a small pipe that is used for smoking marijuana, Long said.

Located under Bennett's that was a small baggie which contained a green leafy substance Long suspected was marijuana. Bennett told the officer he had a quarter pound of marijuana in the baggie, Long said.

He was transported to the Horseshoe Bend jail where he was released Jan. 1 after he posted a $1,500 bond.

Bennett was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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