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Mayor: Bend could lose $50,000 if food tax repealed

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Staff Writer

Mayor Bob Spear voiced his concern at the Horseshoe Bend City Council meeting Aug. 19 on the possibility of a repeal of sales tax on food to be placed on the November ballot. If approved the city general fund could lose around $50,000 a year in sales tax revenue, amounting to about 10 percent of the general fund's revenue.

Spear urged citizens to think about the hardships that could be placed on the city from lost revenues before voting to repeal the tax; it could mean a serious cut in police or administrative services.

City Treasurer Sally Pohl announced the city will hold a memorial service Sept. 11 at noon at the flagpole in front of City Hall to honor those who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks last year. Pohl said patriotic music and readings would be featured at the event. Spear said the police and fire departments would be recognized, too, at the ceremony.

Spear announced Ron Albets resigned his position as commissioner of the MRID. The mayor appointed Jim Thompson on a temporary basis until ads can be published announcing the vacancy. He said the position needed to be advertised for two weeks and then a permanent appointment would be confirmed.

Commissioner Andy Amudsen of MRID said it would receive $300 per month rent and a large portion of the utilities from Twyla Wallace, the new lessee of the former Clubhouse Restaurant.

Council members approved the recommendation from the finance committee to approve spending up to $7,961 to complete the recycling center building. The funds would be used to complete the restroom, plumbing, water, electrical and asphalt for the driveway.

Members also approved $2,000 for the airport commission. Airport Commissioner Eckley Schatzman reported the airport needed a new credit card system implemented by Nov. 1 because Phillips will no longer accept the current system after that date.

In other action, council members approved the abandonment of Ordinance 2009-09 which pertained to the size of accessory structures that can be erected on property zoned residential.

A second ordinance was approved by the council amending the zoning code to expand an accessory structure, specifically a detached garage, to 900 square feet.

Ordinance 2002-11 was approved by council members to provide for a seven-member commission as opposed to the original four-member board.

Spear expressed concerns about the West Nile virus as a threat to Arkansas. He said tires being used on boat docks could easily become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Spear suggested that anyone using tires on the docks should drill holes to allow for drainage.

The annual fall cleanup will be held the week of Sept. 16 on a regular trash pick-up day.

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