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Koshkonong mayor gives citizens call information

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

KOSHKONONG -- Recently re-elected Koshkonong Mayor Tome Lowe said in an interview he thanks all the residents of the city who supported him in his re-election campaign. He said he has heard some disturbing accusations about how he does his job as mayor. "For the record, public record to be exact, everything I did or do as mayor of Koshkonong is at the disposal of residents of the city. Just contact any city council member, the city clerk, or myself to see what I or the city council have ever done," the mayor said.

"In this two-year term as mayor, I will continue to do what I feel needs to be brought before the city council for approval for the city of Koshkonong's best interests. As always your comments, suggestions and concerns are welcome at any time. I do the job of mayor with all my heart, an open mind and a clear conscience," Lowe said.

The mayor went on to say that if any citizen has a problem with Koshkonong's city government there are paths they can take. "If any citizen, at any time, hears of or thinks any illegal, unjust or corruption on mine or the city council's part dealing with the duties of governing the city, as a citizen of the city they are obligated to contact State Senator Danny Staples at 573-751-3534, the Missouri Municipal League at 573-635-9134 of the Missouri Attorney General's office at 573-751-3321. That way these questions can be addressed and handled from being an accusation to a fact," the mayor said.

Mayor Lowe said he could be contacted in person or by phone at 867-5302.

"I strongly suggest that the citizens of the city of Koshkonong do not listen to accusations, and that they always pursue the proven facts before making a judgement of anyone or a situation. I stand behind, in front of, or alongside what I say and do as mayor to be in all of our best interests and concerns as citizens of Koshkonong. I feel proud, privileged and honored to be mayor of the city of Koshkonong, home of a couple hundred friendly folks."

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