MS approved for Med Pro Ed program

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Staff Writer

MAMMOTH SPRING -- The Mammoth Spring School District received word the second week in February that funding has been approved for the Medical Professional Education Program at Mammoth Spring High School. Superintendent Ron Taylor said funds in the amount of $33,541 have been approved by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Development.

He said this is 88 percent of the startup funding needed for the program.

Taylor said Mammoth Spring is the only school in the area that currently offers the program. The program's instructor is Linda Greene, who applied for the grant with the help of Brian Davis. Due to lack of space, the class now meets in the art room at the multi-purpose building at the school.

Taylor said the recently promised funds will help establish the class in the old ag building at the school near the distance learning lab and alternative school. He said the remodeling on this building will continue because of this grant.

"This program is for high school students in grades 9-12. It is an elective just like home ec, business and agriculture. The is the second year for the program at our school and these state funds will be a real shot in the arm for the program," Taylor said.

The superintendent said the medical professions program at the school would accept used medical equipment for the program. Taylor said some of the equipment needed includes: percussion hammers, model sets of brains, hearts, teeth, skin, eyes and ears. He said hospital linen such as bed spreads and mattress pads are also needed.

A full list of needed medical equipment can be obtained at the school. He said donations may be made by contacting him, Green or Davis.