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Animal Rights hurts Missouri

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

The animal rights movement is working in Jefferson City to undermine not only agriculture but the ownership of pets as well.

For years, the animal rights movement has tried to pass difficult pieces of legislation that would hinder production of agricultural products and the pet industry in the state of Missouri. Many of us from rural Missouri have put a stop to this dangerous legislation in the past and will do it again this year,

This year the animal rights efforts are concentrated on creating the crime of failure to confine a dog. The crime would be a class C misdemeanor.The crime is committed under legislation when an owner does not prevent his or her dog from running freely outside the owner's property.

The legislation allows the owner to raise two kinds of defense. One would be permission of the person on whose property the dog was loose, and the second is where the owner was unaware that his or her attempt at confinement was unsuccessful.

These defenses leave little room for those of us who live in rural Missouri and do not confine our pets 24 hours a day. Under this legislation, we would have to confine our dogs or face possible arrest. In addition, the proposed new law would make it difficult for any of those in rural Missouri to use hunting dogs. under this legislation, we would be committing a crime.

This legislation not only is unnecessary but it undermines a way of life in rural Missouri, the animal rights movement would like nothing better than to make life more difficult for those of us who live and work in rural Missouri. These people would like to shut down agriculture and our way of life.

Many of my colleagues in Jefferson City agree with me and we will make every effort to kill any animal rights legislation that threatens rural Missouri. This type of legislation is not good for Missouri or its citizens.