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Village woman launches search for husband

Friday, October 31, 2003

Rachelle Mahoney is looking for a real good man.

The 33-year-old single mother in Cherokee Village has been looking since her divorce five years ago.

"I have dated quite a bit," she said. "I could write a book about it. I haven't met a good man; I'm beginning to wonder if there are any left."

But Mahoney is not giving up; she's getting serious.Using the television reality shows Cupid and The Bachelor as a model, Mahoney has launched her own high-profile search called "Real Good Man."

Real Good Man kicks off Nov. 1, and within three or four months, Mahoney hopes to have found her mate.

She said she wants to find a man who is financially stable, who is dependable and honest, who keeps his promises, who loves kids and who enjoys the outdoors -- "hiking, fishing, canoeing -- anything that's challenging."

But she wants a man whose life is balanced. "I'm not looking for one of those guys who's married to hunting or married to fishing," she said.

As an inducement, she is gathering a dowry for the winner. She is seeking corporate donations of "guy things" such as a pontoon boat, four-wheeler, fishing gear and golf clubs -- but "nothing so big that it becomes the focus," she said.In order to claim the dowry, the winner must marry Mahoney within one year of his selection.

For the next 30 days, radio stations from West Plains, Mo., to Jonesboro will air spots about Mahoney's contest, along with locations where eligible bachelors can pick up applications. Applications will be available at sponsor locations.

The applicants must be between the ages of 25 and 40, gainfully employed and financially responsible for the dates and lodging associated with the contest.

If all goes according to plan, on Dec. 6 the bachelor applicants will arrive at the Hillhigh Hotel Spa and Golf Resort in Horseshoe Bend with completed applications and photos for a day of interviews. Mahoney, with the assistance of two friends, will interview each application and, within a week, select the 10 finalists. A kickoff weekend is planned for Dec. 12-14 at the Hillhigh.

The first round of dates will follow, with each applicant taking Mahoney on a single date. After each of the 10 finalists has had an opportunity to try to win Mahoney's affection, she and her friends will narrow the field to five for a second round of dates.

After that the field will be cut to two finalists who will be invited to a winners' party. Mahoney expects this to take place sometime in the spring of 2004. She plans to announce the name of the winner at that party.

She acknowledges that her plan may not succeed. "With the luck I've had in the past five years, that's definitely a possibility," she said.

She has used Internet dating services, but complains that the men she has met through the services have misrepresented themselves. "Often they're 30 years old and still living with their parents," she complained. "They say they have a job, but they're unemployed."

She said she also attends church and college, but has found no strong prospects at either.

She would not go into detail about the failure of her first marriage except to say, "We were both young."

A Little Rock native, Mahoney is now a student at ASU majoring in social work. She said she has earned scholarships every semester she has attended college. She hopes to earn a master's degree and go into child and family therapy.

She said her 7-year-old daughter, Jessica, is excited about her search.

In her own bio she says her interests are outdoor activities, volleyball, gardening, cooking, sewing, traveling, reading and reality shows. She is also a fan of the Denver Broncos and country music.

Sponsors of Real Good Man include: KAIT TV, KKountry 95, KISS FM 101.9, The MAX 93.1, Hillhigh Resort & Spa, Clark Sanders Photography, Amanda Hall at Tommy Hairfigures, Charlotte Johnson at Looks Unlimited and Molly Ariola at Spring River Massage.

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