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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Girl On A Mission

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

I have a message to the person who stole my canoe; I WANT IT BACK! You are nothing more than a common thief. And I am sick of your kind. I'm tired of thugs like you getting away with crimes.I paid for the canoe and it was my property. You had no right to take something that didn't belong to you.If you wanted a canoe then you should have worked for it, just like the rest of us do when we want to buy something.Or is hard work beneath you?You are probably the type of person who sleeps until noon. Then you get up and watch television for the next eight hours. You have probably never worked a steady job in your life. And in your spare time you prey on other people. You wait until they are hard at work and then you enter their property and take whatever catches your fancy.I had history with my canoe; I've canoed rivers in Arkansas and Missouri.And now you have destroyed any chances of new memories. I consider myself a "river person." And we have river rules along the Spring River.We help each other out. We don't steal from our neighbors.Of course you probably don't have a clue about a little thing called rules. Rules are probably something that you never adhered to in your life. And you probably never had any respect for authority.Well, thief, I have some advice for you; sooner or later you will get caught. I know I won't get my canoe back but I just wanted to let the area folks know that there is a thief amongst us.I think when suspects get caught stealing they should be made to pay restitution and face their victim. It's called accountability and responsibility.Maybe if the thieves and perpetrators were forced to face their victim then perhaps the crime rate would go down.If my thief is caught, oh, I would love to get my hands on him and let him work for me and pay his restitution.I doubt he could keep up with me. You think the military is tough? Apparently you haven't had to deal with a woman's wrath. Hell hath no fury like a woman who has just had her canoe stolen.