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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Doctor must complete in-house treatment program

Local physician Dr. David Kauffman will not be practicing medicine for the time being; that was the decision reached last Friday.

On Oct. 5 during a hearing with the Arkansas State Medical Board, "board members found (Kauffman) had a substance abuse problem with alcohol," said attorney Bill Trice who represents the medical board.

Trice said Kauffman's license to practice medicine will remain revoked until he can provide proof of his sobriety.

According to medical board documents, Kauffman's license may be reinstated only after, "providing satisfactory proof to the board of both his skill and mentality."

Trice said this means the doctor has to provide documentation of completing an in-house treatment program.

This revocation is nothing new for Kauffman who has trudged through a string of dealings with the medical board throughout his career.

Trouble started for Kauffman in 1992. Throughout his years of practice, the majority of complaints filed against Kauffman were found without merit, but in June 1997 the medical board issued an Emergency Order of Suspension, leaving Kauffman unable to practice medicine for the first time.

In October 1997 his medical license was revoked, and he was ordered to pay over $7,000 in fines after the board determined Kauffman had violated the Arkansas Medical Practices Act.

Thirteen months later, Kauffman's license was permanently reinstated in January 1999 on the condition that he meet with a psychotherapist and have quarterly reports sent to the board from the evaluation.

Since that time Kauffman has suffered problems with alcohol, having two driving under the influence of alcohol convictions and having his license suspended for multiple driving indiscretions.

Once Kauffman satisfies the board's request and his license is reinstated, he will be monitored for five years, Trice said.

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