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Horseshoe Bend to borrow money to improve sewer

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

An ordinance was adopted at the council meeting June 24 authorizing the city of Horseshoe Bend to borrow $25,000 from White River Planning and Development District to help pay for two sewer lift stations that are in need of emergency repairs.

Mayor Bob Spear said he does not want to exhaust the money in the city's reserves for the needed repairs. He said borrowing the money from WRPDD would establish a line of credit for the city.

Marty Roberts, public works manager, received five bids for the price of the pumps and equipment. The estimated cost of repairs for each station is over $18,000.

Based on recommendations from the Finance Committee the council members voted and agreed the city should borrow the money from WRPDD. The funds will be repaid by the Sewer Fund over a period of five years with an interest rate of 5 and 1/2 percent, Spear said.

The amount of $10,000 will be withdrawn from the sewer fund CD to help pay for the repairs. Any additional funds needed, including any assistance in making note payments, would come from the municipal reserve fund with the understanding the sewer fund would repay the municipal reserve fund.

A second ordinance was adopted changing the boundaries of the wards in Horseshoe Bend equally. Prior to the redistricting there was a large difference between Ward 1 and Ward 4.

The changes resulted in Ward 1 representing 26 percent of the population, Ward 2 decreased to 25 percent and Ward 4 decreased to 24 percent. Ward 3 remained the same at 25 percent.

In other action council members said they have heard several citizens question why the Horseshoe Bend Library doesn't move into the vacant Clubhouse Restaurant facility. Spear said he doesn't have any authority in that area. He said that is a matter that would need to be discussed with MRID.

The council approved the appointments of Lawrie Elliott, Nancy Kolinsky and Myron Parsons to three-year terms on the library board.

The council accepted the following bids on equipment: $888 for the Ford Taurus, $3,660 for the 1981 Ford 6600 tractor, and $75 for a dog cage the city is selling.

Spear said plans are proceeding for the Fourth of July fireworks display. Fire Chief Mike Hilliker presented Spear with $500 the firemen and first responders donated for the event.

Spear said he has received numerous complaints from citizens traveling along Highway 289. He said motorists complained the grass is so high their vision is obscured. This has been a problem to travelers because deer have been jumping out of the tall grass onto the highway.

Spear said the area has been mowed for safety and beautification reasons. The Mayor added the city has had a wet season with a lot of new growth and the tractor could not be used in some of the wet areas.

MRID Commissioner Arnar Amudsen said MRID met with a potential client in June and will meet with another interested party in July as possible prospects to lease the Clubhouse Restaurant that closed June 15. Amudsen said he would like to have the restaurant leased by the first of August.

Jean West from animal control said she would like to remind the public to take extra precautions with pets during hot weather. She encouraged the public to make sure their pets have extra water and keep them indoors.

Spear announced that Ken Good resigned his position on the Board of Zoning Adjustments. The council appointed Jean West and Terry Smith to the board.

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