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Hahn, Huff charged with stealing

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

THAYER -- A Thayer woman and man have been charged with felony burglary and stealing.

Jessica Lynn Hahn, 19, and Robert Huff, 22, are accused of burglarizing property owned by David Rigel, located on Gracie Avenue in Thayer. They are also charged with stealing a generator, hand grinder, transmission, batteries, copper tubing, radiators and other items from property owned by the estate of Charlie Rigel.

In a probable cause statement filed Aug. 23 in the Oregon County Prosecutors Office, Thayer Police Officer Michael Bunting said he was investigating a theft of property case when he went to G&T Recycling in Thayer to see if the business had purchased any items that had been reported stolen. The owner of the business, Todd Martin told him he had not purchased any wire. Martin told the officer that Jessica Hahn and Robert Huff had been trying to sell a new generator for $75.

Bunting said he located Hahn and Huff at 103 Polk Street in Thayer and Hahn admitted to him she had taken items from a residence near the Bullseye Convenience Store. When asked about the generator Hahn told the officer the generator was in the house. The officer took possession of the generator and placed Hahn and Huff under arrest and transported them to the Thayer Police Station.

Huff said Ryan and Christina Palmer had taken him and Hahn to the residence on Gracie Avenue and said their uncle had died and they could have whatever they wanted from the place. Huff told the officer he had been hauling junk transmissions and other items to G&T Recycling. Huff said he found the generator outside so he took it. Hahn filled out a statement saying she had been helping Huff for a week and that three days ago they broke into the garage using a pry bar. Hahn said they took the generator and other items from the garage.

Both Hahn and Huff are scheduled to be in Oregon County Associate Court later this month.


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