Pride Week comes to Thayer

Friday, March 28, 2003

THAYER -- The Thayer City Council voted during their council meeting Feb. 11 to set Clean-Up, Paint-Up, Fix-Up Week in Thayer for April 7-11. Officials at Thayer City Hall said trash in the city will be picked up on as regular during that week.

Residents are reminded that a roll-off container will be placed by the Thayer Police Station and will remain there all week so large items such as furniture and other items may be placed in it. Used motor oil should be take to the Oregon County Recycling Center. City Hall officials said all trash should be bagged, boxed or canned for pickup.

Council members along with area firefighters are asking that every resident and property owner in the city as well as all civic clubs, schools, churches and Boy and Girls Scout troops to take an active part in the spring sprucing up that will include both the residential and business sections of town.

City officials said white goods such as refrigerators may be set on the curb and City Hall can be contacted at 264-3921 to let city workers know they are there so equipment may be brought in to haul them away.

Yard waste, including lawn clippings will not be picked up.

Council members said they would also like to remind residents that weeds and grass on residential and vacant lots should be kept trimmed through the growing season. Trash trucks will pick up refuse on the south side of the city April 7 and on the north side of the city April 8

City officials said they would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in making this cleanup a success.

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