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A Girl On A Mission

Thursday, August 15, 2002

A woman died a horrible, tragic death July 18. She died at the hands of a convicted rapist.

The convict was working at a highway rest area where he stabbed her to death while she fought off his attempts to rob her.

An off-duty police lieutenant heard a noise in the restroom, decided to check it out and saw blood on the floor.

The lieutenant discovered a man standing over the woman's body. She had multiple stab wounds to her neck and torso. She died at the hospital.

The suspect had been convicted of rape in 1985. He was released from jail in 1998.

Some might say the rapist served his time for the crime he committed. I doubt the woman's family would agree.

The murdered woman was probably a sister, a wife and a friend of many. She died needlessly. Some will say it was God's will; I could argue that fact till the end of the world. It wasn't God's will; it was the act of a mad man and laws that do not protect the citizens who pay taxes. It was the consequence of a government that is so concerned about the rights of inmates that human life loses its value.

What on earth was this felon doing back in society? What will it take to make someone in authority realize that certain criminals do not belong in this world? Will it take the death of a judge's mother or perhaps the wife of some hot-shot attorney who previously got a criminal out of jail on some minor technicality?

People are dying needlessly because inmates are being released from prison early. What kind of message are we sending to criminals -- go ahead and commit heinous crimes? Because in the end the criminal will be back out on the streets.

A message needs to be sent to our lawmakers. We are tax paying citizens. I don't want my tax dollars spent to feed, entertain or house violent criminals. The non-violent criminals also need to pay for their crimes. Work programs need to be organized so inmates can pay their own way instead of taking money from hard working citizens.

Whatever happened to capital punishment? That would send a message to criminals; if a person commits a crime he need to be prepared to die for his actions.

The world is out of control. Children are being kidnapped from their front yards and their little bodies are discovered days later ravished and tortured. Mothers and fathers are left to deal with the tragedy.

Meanwhile life goes on all around them. The next day another parent's nightmare makes the headlines.