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Meth ingredients found at Bend residence

Thursday, December 5, 2002

A 33-year-old Horseshoe Bend man was arrested Nov. 30 after officers raided a methamphetamine lab at 1309 West Ridge Street in Horseshoe Bend.

Authorities conducted a search at the residence of Jerry Lee Alberson at the request of Alberson's parole/probation officer, Kenny Kendrick. Kendrick received a tip that components for a methamphetamine lab could be found at Alberson's residence, said Dustin Robbins, 16th Judicial District Drug Task Force investigator.

Officers also received information that Alberson had been purchasing cold medication that contained ephe-drine and pseudoephedrine over the past few weeks from the Dollar General Store.

The Horseshoe Bend Police Department (HBPD) received information that Alberson had a ephedrine/pseudoephedrine extraction, commonly known as a "pill soak" in which the pills are placed in a solvent. The two ingredients are extracted from the pills.

Agents retrieved contents from a blue trash can found beside the street in front of Alberson's residence. Robbins said agents found empty blister packs, empty boxes labeled Sudafed Allergy and Sinus, and Sudafed Sinus Nighttime that contained pseudoephedrine, an ingredient used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, peeled and stripped Energizer AA lithium batteries (lithium metal is used as a catalyst in the Nazi method of manufacturing of methamphetamine), empty Heet bottles and an empty Morton salt container along with other paraphernalia.

Salt is an item used in a hydrochloric gas generator which is used to convert met-hamphetamine oil from a liquid state to a solid in the manufacturing process, said Robbins.

During the search officers located a metal quart-sized container labeled Acetone and a one-gallon me-tal container labeled camp fuel inside the residence. Both items are commonly used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, said Robbins.

A receipt from the Dollar General Store was found on the front porch of the home showing the purchase of Sudafed, Robbins said. Additional items were found in the yard.

Located underneath the porch of a vacant trailer located at 1311 West Ridge Street next door to Alberson's residence, officers found a black trash bag which appeared to be new. Inside the bag officers found a glass jar that contained a red granular sediment covered by a cloudy liquid with coffee filters in the liquid with the odor of ammonia and what appeared to be remnants of black lithium strips, said Robbins.

Dale Weaver, administrator of the 16th Judicial Drug Task Force, said because of the intermediate stage the drugs were found in and the strong odor of ammonia, agents were able to field test the ingredients which tested positive for methamphetamine.

During a post Miranda interview Alberson stated he had seen the items located on the porch next door to his residence but told officers that another person had brought the items to the trailer and left them, Robbins reported.

Officers questioned Alber-son and asked if his fingerprints would be found on the items and Alberson told officers he had handled the items so his prints would probably be found, said Robbins.

Alberson was transported to the Izard County Sheriff's Office where he remains in custody on a $50,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in circuit court Dec. 9.

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