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Oxford may weed out overgrown yards

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Oxford citizens expressed concern about property upkeep in the city at last week's city council meeting.

An ordinance to control weeds is still wanted by Councilman Greg Stuart and Oxford residents.

Last month Stuart raised the topic of fining people who had high grass and would not mow their lawn. He followed up this month by contacting Mammoth Spring Mayor Jean Pace who gave him the city's ordinance to follow."I followed it as close as I could and changed parts we don't have," Stuart said.

The ordinance would control weeds and rank vegetation and gives the city the right to fine owners of lots who have grass that is 12 inches or higher. First, the city must notify the owner of the house. If they don't want to do anything about the problem, then the city would cut the vegetation down, and the owner of the house is charged when he pays taxes.

Many Oxford residences are rented, however. According to Stuart, under the ordinance the owner of the rented residence is ultimately responsible, not the renter.

Under the ordinance, the rate would be not less than $10 or more than $100.

Larry Santos said he lives next door to a house that does not have anyone living there and grass is high.

"I think that's a good ordinance you're talking about," he said.

The ordinance would not apply to farms.

Voting for the ordinance will occur at the next meeting Aug. 11. The sewer, which has been planned for several years, is now being dug. House builders were worried they would not be included in the plan.

"Hopefully we'll come in below budget," Mayor Mike Warden said. "If we have money the city will hook up the houses that are now being built for free. If we don't have money left, then obviously we're going to have to back up the charge."

According to Warden, it will cost about $1,000 to put in the sewer after construction has taken place.

Construction, according to Warden, is going well.

"They're just making great progress, he said. "They're flying, seems to me."

Digging has begun all around Oxford, and the mayor expects digging to begin in town by Tuesday.

Firecrackers were also mentioned at the meeting.

Nelson Burrus said he was sitting on his front porch a few days ago when a firecracker landed about 100 feet from him. He talked to the child's parent, and it stopped for a while, but it started again later.

"Maybe we could put regulations on when we could start shooting firecrackers and when it should end," Burrus said. "It's just a thought."

The city council was not sure if there were laws about when firecrackers were allowed. The council promised to look into it.

In other news:

The bridge on Wideman Road was to be out of service Wednesday. The county is putting in a new bridge. Warden agreed to contact everyone who lives on Wideman Road.

It was unanimously voted to award John Hargins Construction the bid to install the 3,000-foot water line north of town.

Bill Dockins, Oxford city council member, was named the new plumbing inspector since Fisher Moss decided not to renew his license.

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