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Tri county fire departments receive grant money

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Gov. Mike Huckabee announced June 5 that the Fire Protection Services Fund created by Act 833 has certified and funded 908 fire departments over $7 million. The funds come from a one-half of 1 percent tax on fire insurance premiums in the state.

Since 1991, when the fund was created, Arkansas fire departments have received more than $54.5 million. The fund allows fire departments to purchase fire trucks and other firefighting vehicles, build fire stations and additions, purchase firefighting equipment and communications equipment, and provide fire and emergency medical technician training.

"We've been able to use this fund to help rural fire departments across the state," Huckabee said. "It adds only a small amount to what's paid by homeowners but goes a long way toward reducing fire insurance rates and ensuring safer communities. A good fire department is a key component of the quality of life in a rural area."

The Fire Protection Service Fund distributes money to each Arkansas county based on population and other factors. The funds may be subdivided among the jurisdictions within the county based on population or specific needs. Counties apply for the funding through the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, which reviews the application and sends it on to the Department of Finance and Administration Office of Administrative Services.

The following list includes the total received by the county and the amount distributed to the departments:

Fulton County: $67,007.87

Agnos, Glencoe, Heart: $5,403.62

Ash Flat: $0

Byron: $5,403.62

Camp: $5,403.62

Gepp: $5,800.52

Henderson: $0

Mammoth Spring: $5,403.62

Morriston: $10,771.83

9 Mile Ridge: $7,200.52

Saddle: $5,403.62

Salem: $5,409.66

Sturkie: $5,403.62

Viola: $5,403.62

Unincorporated: $0

Izard County: $58,659.34

Allison/Sylamore: $0

Calico Rock: $5,854.52

Franklin: $5,854.52

Guion: $5,854.52

Horseshoe Bend: $5,854.51

Melbourne: $5,854.52

Mount Pleasant: $5,854.51

Oxford: $5,854.52

Pineville: $5,854.52

Ruthie Mountain: $5,854.52

Zion: $5,968.68

Unincorporated: $0

Sharp County: $100,251.75

Ash Flat: $7,713.90

Cave City: $15,447.36

Center: $2,360.47

Cherokee Village: $23,174.29

Evening Shade: $7,081.41

Grange-Calamine: $4,029.75

Hardy: $ 5,399.08

HV-Highland: $5,685.98

Martin Creek: $2,751.71

Ozark Acres: $12,056.25

Poughkeepsie: $4,091.16

Sidney: $3,650

Williford: $2,810.39

Wirth: $4,000

Unincorporated: $0

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