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My View

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wow, so I'm afraid that any day now I might walk outside and get stoned to death by angry Dr. Kauffman supporters. First, let me say that Dr. Kauffman has treated me at the Fulton County ER. He is not my doctor, nor do I know him personally. But yes, I received excellent care under him.

Now that that's said -- the article was not a personal attack or a "smear" against Dr. Kauffman. It was a simple report of the facts. Everything that was in the article came from police reports and state medical board documents. He has been in trouble for alcohol and controlled substances -- that is a fact. He had his license revoked in the past -- that is a fact. He has multiple driving indiscretions involving alcohol -- that is a fact.

We are all with our faults, and believe me, I'll be the first to stand in line and say I have quite a few. However, the fact that a local physician had his medical license taken away is news-worthy information. If the story was not written, there would be those who would question why we were protecting Dr. Kauffman.

As a doctor, one is held to a higher standard of behavior. As individuals that represent health and safety and wisdom, more is expected from them. However, if any individual was driving drunk or in possession of controlled substances, legal action would be taken. Because Dr. Kauffman has had multiple actions taken against his behavior, the medical board stepped in.

People have written us saying that what Dr. Kauffman does on his own time is his business. That's true enough. But if he's engaging in illegal activity, like driving drunk, it becomes a public matter.

I am confident that Dr. Kauffman is a very knowledgeable and compassionate man. I do not think he would ever harm one of his patients while treating them, but what if he harmed one in a vehicle accident because he was under the influence?

If any other person was in trouble for multiple DWIs or being in possession of controlled substances, the public would want to know.

It's my hope that Dr. Kauffman successfully completes his treatment, maintains sobriety and has his license reinstated. I wish him all the best, as does every other person who works for Areawide Media. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.