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Driver takes police on chase

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jan Thompson

Staff Writer

ALTON -- An Alton man, Kenny Ray Duncan, 47, will face several charges in Oregon County Circuit Court after assaulting two law enforcement officers, leaving the scene of two accidents and failure to stop for law enforcement officers.

In a probable cause statement supplied by the Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney's office Cpl. Michael Hargus of Troop G of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said that on April 4 at 10:45 p.m., he observed a blue and silver 1993 Dodge Dakota pickup on Route E cross the dividing line of the road five times.

He said as the truck came to the intersection of Highway 19, the driver, Duncan, locked-up the trucks brakes and skidded across the intersection and ran off the opposite side of the roadway.

The trooper said Duncan then accelerated the truck and spun out of the ditch.

He said he activated his emergency lights and the vehicle came to a stop on the northbound shoulder of Highway 19. Hargus said as he approached the truck Duncan took off. The Trooper said he tried to overtake the Dodge and that his siren and red and blue lights were activated.

Hargus said that is when Duncan turned the truck on to Highway 160. He said Duncan slammed on his brakes several times and would come to a complete stop. He then put the truck into reverse and slammed into Hargus' patrol car.

Hargus said Duncan continued east and turned into County Road 204. He said Duncan turned into a private driveway and came to a stop. He said as he approached the truck, Duncan again accelerated rapidly and threw gravel on him and on his patrol car.

Hargus said Duncan slid his truck around to the right in the yard, then slammed into the rear end of his patrol car, coming to a stop for a moment.

Alton Police Chief Rusty Warren arrived as Duncan began backing away from the trooper's patrol car.

Duncan then backed into the front of Warren's patrol car then crashed through a barbed wire fence. The truck spun around in a field, ran back through the fence and went south on County Road 204.

Chief Warren then became the primary pursuit vehicle as County Road 204 came to an end and became a logging trail. The Dodge slowed down but continued without stopping. Hargus said the Dodge came to a stop on several occasions then continued on. On one occasion Duncan came to a stop, placed the truck in reverse and slammed into the front of Warren's patrol car.

Hargus said Duncan's vehicle finally stopped because a fallen tree blocked the road.

Duncan has been charged with two class A felonies of assault of a police officer, two class D felonies of leaving the scene of an accident and the class D felony of resisting a lawful stop.

He is in the Oregon County Jail at Alton with bond of $250,000 set.

A Thayer woman, Christina M. Palmer, 25, has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, a class D felony.

Thayer Police officer Michael Bunting said on March 9, he was called to 218 Walnut Street to take an accident report. Officer Bunting said Jim Cozort said someone in another vehicle had hit the driver's side of his 1994 Nissan Century. After talking to Cozort, Bunting said he drove up the street where he saw Palmer's 1997 Chrysler Sebring with front-end damage.

Palmer said she did not know anything about the accident. Bunting said he then walked to her vehicle and was looking at the damage to her car and noticed the same color of paint on her vehicle that was on the vehicle that was hit.

Bunting said Palmer got into her vehicle to get her insurance card and Ryan Palmer sat up in the back seat. The officer said he said he could smell the oder of intoxicants coming from the car. He said he noticed the keys were still in the ignition.

Bunting said he read both of them their rights and asked them if they would talk and Ryan Palmer said no. Bunting said he explained to them that he was going to seek charges against them if one of them didn't say who was driving.

Bunting said he returned to the police station and received a call from Ryan asking him to come back to their home. Bunting said they wanted to know what kind of trouble the driver would be in. Bunting said he told them if they didn't have insurance to cover the damages that they could be charged with property damage.

It was then Christina said she was driving and didn't have any insurance. She said she had physically been fighting with Ryan when they struck the vehicle. She said she had been drinking and did not know what she had hit until Bunting knocked on the door.

Bunting said the Palmers talked to Cozort and made arrangements to pay for the damages to his vehicle.

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