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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The following are a few of the e-mails received or posted on the comment portion of our Web site.

The following are a few of the e-mails received at newsopinion@yahoo.com or posted on the comment portion of our Web site. E-mail information is on file at the Salem office.

Physician's license suspended

Dr. Kauffman is a brilliant physician. Without him I would not have been diagnosed with a condition that had me extremely isolated and without hope for a normal life.

I am hoping that the community suspends judgement on the man and not throw stones, when we all live in glass houses. He is like all of us in the sense that we often do not deal with a medical problem until it has become severe.

If he regains his license, I would not hesitate to put my medical care in his highly qualified hands.

Good luck with your treatment Dr. K, you are one of the best physicians I have ever consulted and I have seen many of the best.


It is a tragedy for our community that Dr. Kauffman's license has been suspended. We cannot afford to lose him; he has helped so many people and saved so many lives because of his superior knowledge and caring nature.

I urge all his patients to contact the Medical Board and let them know that Dr. Kauffman must be returned to his practice for the good of our community.


While I appreciate the effort put into researching complaints against Dr. Kauffman, it must be noted that the vast majority were found without merit.

Dr. Kauffman is a brilliant physician and I trust his medical judgement without question.

And while negative reports were presented, many positive qualities were not. Like the fact that Dr. Kauffman has many times spent several days in a row at the hospital on call, available at a moments notice. And while he may not want this told, I know he has been known to actually make house calls!

I have known Dr. Kauffman many years and his medical skills and knowledge are only surpassed by his compassion. I also hope the community does not pass judgement without knowing the entire story.


Physician's license ...

I've never written to The News before, however, I really resented the front page smear on Dr. Kauffman.Dr. Kauffman was my husband's doctor during his long illness. Max was in and out of Fulton County Hospital and Dr. Kauffman was always there for him and the family.Many of you at The News remember Max as he once worked there as the editor. Max thought Dr. Kauffman was #1 in his book and he is in mine.Dr. Kauffman may miss a step sometimes, but who doesn't? I remember a doctor in 1964 or 65 at Fulton County Hospital who cared for my oldest son and saved his life. I can also tell you that doctor was drunk. I don't wish to smear his name, but I have always been thankful to him.My prayer is that things go good for Dr. Kauffman when he goes before the Arkansas Medical Board. Otherwise, a lot of people in Fulton, Izard and Sharp County will be seeking a new doctor and I'm not going to be happy if that happens, and I'm sure they're not either.Judy CatesOxford

My View ... Jesse Johnson

Jesse was not just a criminal, he was a loving, caring younf man. Yes, he did wrong and yes, he paid for it by going to jail and facing an unknown future.He had a disease called Bi-Polar. I'm sure most of you know what that is. But, that did not excuse the treatment he got in jail by being beaten by a 23-year-old or the fact they were not monitored. They should have been able to get the young men out. They didn't think it was serious -- I listened on the scanner.No one from the city of Alton has ever contacted the family.The school let out because most students and faculty went to his funeral because they knew the Jesse we knew and loved, and now they are being chastised for it. Shame on you all for not seeing the pain everyone is feeling that knew Jesse.A pain is in our hearts that will never heal and it is because of the Alton city jail.A grieving grandmother,Carolyn CowensMammoth Spring

From the editor: For clarification, the fire was at the Oregon County Jail in Alton.

Inmate dies in jail fire

I think you all (emergency personnel) did a fine job. I lived in Thayer at one time and the response time of all firemen and medical people is great. They do a great job. Thank you all.Gloria Britton

Operation Christmas Child

Shopping has already begun for toys and various items to fill "shoe-boxes" for the annual Samaritan's Purse project. This is the 8th year that Christian women have come together from various churches in our Spring River area, to enjoy a luncheon and fellowship, then return to their homes to prepare gift boxes for hurting children in countries around the world. Many children are in desperate circumstances -- abject poverty, sickness, war or natural disaster, where a gift of any kind is virtually unknown to them. With these gift-filled shoe-boxes, the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is included, and especially prayers that their hearts will be opened to God's love for them. This ministry is greatly blessed as it has extended to four locations this year: Ozark Acres, Hardy, Horseshoe Bend and Cherokee Village. If you or your church have missed a luncheon and would like to have further information to join in this event, please call 257-2759, and we'll be pleased to give you more details.Truly, this is a once a year endeavor where everyone involved can believe Jesus' words in Acts 20:35: "It is more blessed to give than receive."Thank you, ladies, for your participation; further details will follow in mid-November, when the boxes are ready for delivery to the collection center in Mountain Home and we will have a final count from our area. June Bell for Samaritan's Purse and Village Bible Church, Women's Ministries

Interview ... not their view

Why on earth were there electrical outlets in the jail cell? If they didn't know that was a tragedy waiting to happen, they should have.arkanssouri

The tragedy should have never happened. Some of our law officers are to be desired. If they had listened this would have been avoided. I agree with Bill Young. The families of these men have my condolences. They may have been in trouble, but they didn't deserve what happened.dgjohnson

It appears from the way the article is written that Alderman Young has a personal vendetta with the sheriff of Oregon County. Since Alderman Young understands constitutional rights, I am going to exercise one of mine and ask if the personal vendetta he has with the sheriff stems from the lack of law enforcement or maybe from the enforcement of law that possibly he or a member of his family was involved in? How about it Alderman Young, do you have an answer to the vendetta question?Oldman