Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spurlock, Brashears reunion

The Spurlock, Brashears reunion was held Oct. 6 at the Melinda "Spurlock" Deatherage home in Viola. There were 85 people in attendance from as far away as Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee.

The oldest to attend was Bobby "Spurlock"?Bechtel, the daughter of George Mack Spurlock and LeVice "Chadwick" Spurlock.

The youngest to attend was Logan Mahan, the great-grandson of Kenney Blake and Marie "Minge" Blake, and the great-great-great-great-grandson of Ellen Brashears.

Manes family reunion

The Manes family reunion, in memory of Ezra and Lola Manes, was started in 1990 after their deaths. This reunion is held on the first weekend in October each year. The 2007 reunion was held at the home of Ann and Conway Spurlock, the oldest Manes daughter. There were approximately 90 family and friends in attendance.

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