Huff, Wilcox sentenced to prison

Thursday, October 25, 2007

ALTON -- A Thayer man, Robert E. Huff, 23, was sentenced to 42 months in the Missouri Department of Correction last week by Judge David Evans.

Huff was charged in May with felony stealing.

In a probable cause statement from the Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney's office, Thayer Police Officer Wendell Stevens said on May 9, he was contacted by Brian Tune owner of TNT Mobile Manufacturing in Thayer. Tune said that when he arrived at work that morning a 2004 Arctic Cat ATV was missing and he believed it to have been stolen in the night.

Tune informed the police he had located the ATV at a Mammoth Spring residence. Stevens said he told Tune to bring the ATV as well as everyone he thought was involved to the Thayer Police Station and he did.

Stevens said he then got statements from Tune, Frank Williams and Leslie Williams.

Frank Williams said Marcus Martin brought the ATV to his house and said that he needed to hide it for a while. Williams told him not to leave it there. The officer said Leslie Williams told him he saw someone drive up to the Williams' house in a red Ford and unload something with chrome wheels. He then told Stevens he went to work at TNT and noticed a green 4-wheeler was gone and he called Frank to see what was unloaded at the house the night before. He then told Tune where his ATV was.

Officer Stevens said he picked up Huff for questioning. He told Stevens he did not want to talk to him. "I told him he was going to jail for stealing and he asked me what for. I told him for stealing a 4-wheeler. He then said he would talk to me," Stevens said.

The report said Huff went with Martin to TNT and they loaded the 4-wheeler in Martin's truck and took it to a guys house in Mammoth Spring named Frank and unloaded it in his yard.

Judge Edwards sentenced Huff to 42 months in the Missouri Department of Correction.

In other Oregon County Circuit Court action, Danny R. Wilcox, 18, of Alton appeared before Judge Evans on a felony stealing charge.

Alton Police Officer Randy Vatar said in a probable cause statement obtained from the Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney's office that in January 2005 he was doing a follow-up investigation on a burglary that occurred Dec. 1 at the Little Shoppers Store in Thomasville.

"I talked to Mary Nunally and Tammy Porter who stated Danny Wilcox, Cody Davis and Bobby Wilcox were all involved in the Thomasville burglary," Vater reported.

He said the women stated that William Pankey told them that Danny Wilcox and Bobby Wilcox gave him chewing tobacco that was from the Thomasville store.

Vater said he talked to Pankey about the burglary and he admitted the Wilcox brothers gave him the chewing tobacco and told him where they got it.

Bobby Wilcox was brought to the sheriff's office and asked about the Thomasville burglary. He said Cody Davis and his brother Danny took his mother's car to Thomasville. He said Davis took a trailer stake and broke the front door window out of the store and went inside. Wilcox said he and his brother parked the car by the door and Davis started handing stuff out of the store. Wilcox said he nor his brother went inside the store, just Davis.

Judge Evans sentenced Danny Wilcox to three months in the Missouri Department of Correction and three months probation.

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