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Thayer man gives stumps a cutting edge makeover

Thursday, June 29, 2006

CHAIN SAW ART: Sam Edwards carves a dinosaur out of a tree stump in his yard on Vine Street in Thayer. Edwards said he is considering trying to make a living out of chainsaw carving.
THAYER -- Samuel Edwards got tired of looking at the jagged stump in his front yard and decided to do something about it. He carved a dinosaur out of the stump with a chain saw.

Edwards and his family moved to the home on Vine Street in Thayer in February. He said he figures the large red oak tree was probably hit by lightning and removed. The stump was left in Edward's yard.

"My wife Carolyn Lee suggested if I was going to carve anything out of the stump to carve a frog or something like that," Edwards said. "I thought, a lot of people have frogs in their yard. I need to do something different. Nobody carves dinosaurs."

He said he had always liked doing things other people didn't and thought the stump would make a perfect dinosaur, a styracosarus to be exact.

Edwards said he has no professional art training and this is his first attempt at a large carving with a chain saw. He said he has always liked carving skulls and making busts.

Edwards said he is thinking about turning his art of chain saw carving into a business and welcomes anyone who might be interested in his talent to contact him.

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