Fulton County replacing bridges in Pickren Hall

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pickren Hall has a new bridge in its future. Fulton County Judge Charles Willett met with Fulton County Road Foreman Richard Frazier, Assistant State Aid Director Claude Kinck and District Construction Engineer Joe Tranthan to discuss 2006's state aid projects recently.

Willett said the Bennett River Project will replace two one-lane bridges on Pickren Hall Road, west of Viola, with two-lane bridges. The existing bridges had failed to meet the standards of the Arkansas Highway Department which said they must be replaced.

Although the county was hoping for bids to be taken in the spring, the bidding will wait until the final plans are in, Willett said. He said the bids will be taken in September and construction should begin in October.

Willett said the federal government will pay for 80 percent of the cost, the state will pay for 18 percent and the county will pay for 2 percent.

Willett said Kinck will figure out the cost of the projects. After that, Willett and Kinck will work together to disperse the money.

Other road projects discussed include:

* Sturkie Road from the Sturkie Store to three miles north needs a new overlay of chip and seal, Willett said. He said the road has a lot of potholes and needs a new surface before more damage is done. This is the only definite project besides the Pickren Hall Road bridges at the moment.

* Fairview Road from Salem to Highway 9 is in need of a new new overlay.

* Wood Hollow Road to Onaga, which connects to the South Golf Course in Cherokee Village, is in need of a new base, overlay and bedwork.

* Wirth Road is in need of a hot mix and overlay, starting a mile from where it intersects Ridge Haven Road to the one-lane bridge at Big Creek.

* Construction will continue on the Union-Bexar Road to connect to 223, Willett said.

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