Thayer hires Bernard to serve as police chief

Thursday, October 19, 2006

THAYER -- The Thayer City Council voted unanimously to hire Thayer Police Officer Frank Bernard as the new police chief at their Oct. 19 meeting.

Bernard, who has served as a law enforcement officer in the county and for the city of Thayer for many years, will take the reins as police chief from Gene Hatman when he retires at the end of this year. Hatman has served as police chief in the city for 17 years.

The need of another city patrol car was on the agenda for the council to discuss at the meeting. The council voted to table the discussion until more information about the need and the patrol car itself could be gathered by the council.

The council voted to buy all city employees new coveralls for working outdoors this winter. They do this about every other year.

Scott Engineering Firm of Willow Springs was selected to do some work at the Thayer Municipal Airport.

Mayor Allen Deckard said no bids had been received on the assembly of the new electrical building in the Thayer Industrial Park. The mayor said the material for the building had been purchased before the cost of metal rose and the project was set to get started. The council voted to table the discussion on the building until next month.

The council voted to apply for a grant with the Missouri Department of Public Safety for new light bars for the police cars in the city.

Marty Komm was at the council meeting for the second time asking the city to paint a stripe down the center of Nettelton Avenue. Komm contends the street is unlit after dark and hard to navigate. Deckard told Komm the city has no objection to a stripe on the street but the Thayer Special Road District controls the southern end of the street and Thayer Special and the city are waiting for legal action to take place that will place the entire street in care of the city of Thayer.

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