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Saturday, Apr. 30, 2016

She Said ... He Said

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I think I've wasted too many mornings watching the same "SportsCenter" over and over. ... I think we can fix this. Go home and take out the video tape you have been watching. Switch to ESPN and watch a new episode.

I think the icing is the best part of a birthday cake. ... I think the candles are -- fire man!

I think my parents are a little concerned every time I wear my Nirvana T-shirt. ... I think it's time to retire your 90's clothes. You mean the freshman 15 didn't make them too small?

I think quoting Will Ferrell movies never gets old. ... I think that plus it never gets boring.

I think think Fiji water is the best bottled water. ... I think you haven't tried, "All Natural New York City Bottled Sewage Water."

I think I'm stoked that Matchbox Twenty is making a new CD. ... I think the meaning of "stoked" requires you to be certain of whether you are or not.

I think it's getting difficult to come up with things to argue about. ... I think it's difficult to come up with things not to argue about.