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Friday, Apr. 29, 2016

He Said ... She Said

Thursday, November 1, 2007

He Said ... She Said

I think working people wouldn't care if summer was extended by one month because they are bitter for not getting a summer break. ...I think teachers might agree with you.

I think American cheese should just be called cheese, when in America. ... I think that wouldn't be very politically correct.

I think best in the shower, but my laptop keeps breaking. ...I think you shouldn't fib. I'm willing to bet you do your best thinking on the toilet -- when you're concentrating really hard.

I think paper will someday be obsolete. ...I think that's going to really suck for sketch artists.

I think "Chicken Soup for the Soul" only makes people cry ... You might as well slam your hand in a door and save your time and money. ...I think you need some sensitivity training.

I think in addition to smoke detectors there should be fart detectors, and it should detect the person who farted and squirt them with water. ...I think I like the way you think, except why worry about fart detectors? Farts are generally easy to detect. Lie detectors that shock the liar would be much more useful.