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Old cases, new arrests

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Felony affidavits and arrests are being made by Fulton County Sheriff's Department in cases dating back to 2004.

Five felony affidavits have been filed so far, according to Fulton County Sheriff Walter Dillinger. He said there will likely be more as the county works past cases.

Dillinger said it's necessary to make multiple drug buys from some suspects and that it takes time, which is why some of the arrests go back to incidents from two years ago. "You want to make sure you have a good case on them. You want more than one buy to build a case," he said.

Cassie Miller, 25, of Salem is charged with distribution of a controlled substance, Vicodin, a class B felony. Vicodin is a schedule 3 prescription narcotic.

Investigator Brian Sanderson met with an informant Sept. 9, 2005, in a Salem. The informant told Sanders he had arranged a purchase of prescription medications from Miller. The informant said the drugs were Vicodin.

Sanderson fitted the informant with an audio recorder and gave him $25 of Fulton County buy funds, which are used by authorities to buy drugs in drug busts. The informant drove to Miller's residence on Pine Street in Salem and bought the Vicodin, which the informant surrendered to Sanderson shortly afterward, according to authorities

Miller was arrested May 2 and posted bond of $20,000 and was released the same day.

Donald H. McQueen, 26, of Salem is charged with distribution of a controlled substance, Darvocet, a class C felony. Darvocet is a schedule IV prescription narcotic.

Sanderson met with an informant who told him he had discussed purchasing some prescription Darvocet tablets from McQueen.

On July 29, 2005, an informant told Sanderson McQueen had given him a cigarette cellophane wrapper containing 10 pink oblong tablets with the letter M on one side and 1772 on the other. The informant said he told McQueen he didn't have the money to pay for the tablets at the time and tried to give them back but McQueen told the informant to keep the tablets until he could pay for them. The informant contacted Sanderson and gave him the tablets soon afterward, according to authorities.

McQueen was arrested May 3 and posted bond of $20,000 and was released May 8.

Janet Bryant, 24, of Salem is charged with delivery of marijuana, a class C felony. Bryant could face another 10 years on a charge of distribution near a housing development.

On Sept. 21, 2004, Fulton County Investigator Scott Russell of the drug task force met with an informant who said he had previously arranged to purchase 1/4 ounce of marijuana from Bryant who lived in the Meadows Apartments in Salem.

Russell gave the informant $40 of county buy money and concealed an audio recorder on him.

The informant went to the apartment while Russell surveyed the scene across the highway. After a short time, the informant left and met with Russell at another location where the informant handed over the marijuana. Authorities submitted the marijuana to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory for analysis and weight.

Bryant is believed to currently be in the Searcy, Ark., area. No arrest has been made yet.

Douglas Scott Crabtree, 34, of Salem is charged with delivery of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, a class Y felony; and distribution near a certain facility, a housing complex, an unclassified felony which can add 10 years to a sentence.

On Sept. 9, 2004, Russell met with an informant who he outfitted with a recording device and furnished with buy funds to purchase controlled substances from a suspect, when a male and female approached. After a conversation, authorities said the informant followed the two to an apartment at the Meadows on foot, and went inside.

Authorities said Bill and Michelle Comstock lived in the apartment. After a short period, the informant left the apartment and met the investigator across the street. Authorities said the suspect surrendered three small jewelry-sized zip-lock bags containing an off-white powder substance consistent with methamphetamine, and discovered to be so after a field test.

Michelle Comstock and her brother, Crabtree, approached the informant another time, and said she had a quarter, slang for two grams of methamphetamine for sale, according to authorities.

Michelle Comstock said she had a quarter gram on her for sale and Crabtree said he had the same amount for sale. Crabtree produced a baggie containing what he represented to be one gram of methamphetamine to the informant, authorities said.

The informant followed Comstock and Crabtree to the Comstocks' apartment and went inside. The informant had been given $225 in county buy money and activated a recording device.

Michelle Comstock answered the door to the apartment. The informant gave Comstock the buy money and received the drugs then left the apartment, according to authorities. The informant surrendered the substance to authorities who sent it to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for further analysis.

Crabtree is currently believed to be in Howell County, Mo. No arrest has been made yet.

Michelle and Bill Comstock are facing federal charges for threatening to kill Drug Task Force agents and a judge. Fulton County authorities arrested the Comstocks in relation to the Sep. 9, 2004 incident, but all charges have been transferred to federal authorities.

Lisa Dixon-Welch, 39, of Salem is charged with distribution of a controlled substance, Hydrocodone and Phentermine, a class C felony; and delivery near a certain facility, an unclassified felony.

On June 10, 2004, an informant told Russell he made contact with Dixon-Welch, who had arranged to sell prescription medication. The informant said Dixon-Welch got into his car and had five Vicodin tablets and four prescription diet pills for sale and put the tablets on the console of the car. The informant contacted Russell and Fulton County Deputy Paul Martin who met with the informant soon afterward. Russell recovered the drugs from the informant who said he had not touched the evidence.

Russell fitted the informant with a transmitting device and gave him $23 of county buy money to pay Dixon-Welch. The informant went to an apartment at the Meadows in Salem with Russell and Martin following as surveillance.

Dixon-Welch came out of the apartment and got into the car with the informant and discussed the the price, according to authorities. The informant paid Dixon-Welch the $23 for the drugs, authorities said.

The informant met Russell and Martin in another location and handed over the drugs and transmitting device. Officers sent the evidence to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory for analysis.

Dixon-Welch was arrest May 2 and posted a bond of $20,000 and was released the same day.

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