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Friday, May 6, 2016

A good read

Thursday, September 6, 2007

If you like to read Nora Roberts' books, or Debbie Macomber, you are going to enjoy Christine Lynxwiler's books.

I just finished Promise Me Always and will soon begin Forever Christmas.

Promise Me Always is a story about a young mother struggling to win a landscaping competition. There is, of course, a 'dream' man who is a little bit bad and a lot good.

Within the pages of this book, and all of Christine's works, her faith in God shines through.

Although there is always just the right amount of romance in her books, the heroine doesn't jump into bed with a dark haired stranger on the first blind date. The romance in these books is a little more realistic and a lot more enjoyable to read, in my opinion.

The first book I read of Christine's was Arkansas; a series of books about the McFadden brothers. Books I enjoy are passed on to sisters or friends who pass them on to more friends. Not real profitable for the publishing company or the author, but when you read something you like -- you just gotta pass it on. I have no idea where my Arkansas book ended up, but maybe someday it'll work its way back to me.

I'm an avid reader. It's not unusual for me to have several books going at once and it drives my husband crazy. My interest is broad and changes from time to time, but if an author's style suits me, I will buy every book they write. (An exception to this is Nora Roberts' witches series. They held no interest to me, although I like most everything else she has written.)

Finding a new author whose books I enjoy reading is a lot like having a new baby in the family -- you can't wait to get your hands of it; everything they do is great; and you get to watch them grow over the years.

I met Christine this past week and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent talking. She shares most of the same values I do and I admire her for sharing those values and faith in her writing. The way she adds this to her stories is so subtle and well written it fits perfectly.

Christine also writes in what I call the "I" style. I don't always like this style, but she has a talent of blending it with dialog to make it work.

It's exciting meeting an author on the verge of becoming a well-known name. Her new contract with Barbour Publishing should set her on the path towards a following that may be as big as Roberts and Steele. She certainly has the talent for it to happen.

I've been in the book aisle at Wal-Mart many times looking through book after book, trying to figure out if it's a 'good' book and worth the money I have to pay for it. Several times, I have shared the good titles with another shopper or found a great book through another shopper's recommendation. So, with confidence I can say, if you have read Arkansas and enjoyed it, go buy Promise Me Always and Forever Christmas. It will be money well spent. Then, keep watching for Along Came A Cowboy, scheduled to be released in May of 2008.

Who knows -- maybe someday we'll be watching this Arkansas girl being interviewed by Oprah. It couldn't happen to a nicer lady.