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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Answer Man Answer Woman

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We continue to venture into the undiscovered frontier of the opposite sex -- attempting to answer the little questions that puzzle us may result in fantastic advancements. For your indulgence we offer you the answers!

This week's question comes from a man in Salem, Ark. For confidentiality purposes we will call him, Wish I wasn't such a nice guy.

Why does the term "nice guys finish last" hold so true in the world of women? Signed ... Wish I wasn't such a nice guy.

AW: I don't know a single woman who says, "oohh, I feel like hooking up with a total jerk today!" So friend, if you feel like you're failing with the ladies because you're too nice there's one of two problems: 1) either you're going for the dumb chicks who don't know a good thing when it's right in front of them or 2) you're going for the no good sleazy, ahem, witches who feel like hooking up with total jerks, morons, married men or basically any male that crosses their path. So which is it? Don't you know nice boys with actual nice girls make nice, HAPPY couples.

AM: Stop being a wuss!

Well, that is the question for today. We feel we have made tremendous strides on our venture into the unknown frontier of the opposite sex.

If you have your own questions concerning the opposite sex, or any other uncertain areas of this mystifying world, please send them to: Areawide Media, Attn: Answer Man, Answer Woman, P.O. Box 248, Salem, AR 72512. Or e-mail them to: newsopinion@yahoo.com. You can also go online to: www.areawidenews.com, click on Viewpoint. Your question can be entered at the end of the column in the comments box. Confidentiality is a given!