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Show Me State: Show Me Proof

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Getting a license to drive in Missouri now requires proof of legal residency

The "Show Me Proof" program was implemented by the Missouri Department of Revenue to cut down on identity theft and fraud and also to help ensure that applicants are legally entitled to be in this country.

Under the new program a citizen applying for a driver's license, or a renewal, must show three types of proof: proof of lawful presence, proof of identity and proof of residency.

Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) spokesman Maura Browning said this has caused many questions across the state. "We didn't think it would be as big of an issue as it has become," She said. "What we have done in the last week is to make the requirements easier to understand," she said.

Browning said one of the most common complaints was women who have changed their name because of marriage or divorce who had to present a marriage license or divorce decree in order to prove identity. "We have changed that to allow a Social Security card or a Medicaid card to substitute for a marriage license or divorce decree," she said

Browning said she also heard from many seniors who were born at their parents' home and did not have a birth certificate. She said if a birth certificate has never been issued, a senior can check with the department of Senior Services at 573-751-6400 to inquire about getting a delayed birth certificate.

Browing said also because the department recognizes it may take some time for a person renewing license to gather all the needed documents, the license bureaus have have been given the authority to extend license expiration dates by 60 days. She said the license will be marked on the back so law enforcement officers know the license has been legally extended.

Oregon County residents not sure what to bring to the Thayer or Alton license fee office may call the Thayer office at 264-3001 or the Alton office at 778-2004.

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