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Friday, May 6, 2016

Two nabbed in drug bust

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Thayer couple arrested after search reveals drugs and weapons

THAYER -- Officers with the Thayer Police Department said recorded money and an informant helped them arrest two Thayer residents for selling marijuana out of their home.

Arrested Dec. 20 were Ely Andrews, 21, and Sara Andrews, 19.

The two have been charged with two felony counts of distribution of a controlled substance. Ely Andrews also faces charges of possessing an unlawful firearm.

Thayer police said that on Dec. 2 an informant was sent to the Andrews home in Thayer with recorded money.

The informant purchased four bags of suspected marijuana which weighed 32 grams.

The informant told the officers that Ely Andrews keeps between one-fourth and one-half pound of marijuana in the home at all times.

On Dec. 16 officers and the informant again tried to make a controlled marijuana buy from Ely Andrews.

Andrews told the informant he did not have any marijuana to sell but he would on Monday, according to officers.

The officers had the informant return to the Andrews home Dec. 19 for another controlled buy of marijuana.

The informant allegedly purchased approximately one ounce of marijuana and told the officers he saw a large sandwich baggie full of marijuana in the back bedroom, as well as several guns.

He said there was a shotgun by the front door and a rifle by another door at the residence.

On Dec. 20 Thayer Police officers executed a search warrant at the home. At the time the warrant was served, Sara Andrews, Jennah Atkins and Wesley Roberts were at the home.

Ely Andrews arrived a few minutes later. Officers found in the home a New England .223 rifle, a Harrington and Richardson .410 shotgun with the barrel sawed off to eight inches, a Savage 12-gauge shotgun and a Victor .22 pistol with the serial number filed off, according to officers. Also, there was a .380 pistol and a Mossberg .22 rifle.

Officers said they found two baggies of marijuana, a pipe with residue in it, a baggie containing marijuana and rolling papers, a container with marijuana and also four bongs used for smoking marijuana.

While searching Ely's pocket, officers said, they found a pipe with residue.

The officers searched Ely's wallet and found $415. The officers said $100 in $20 bills whose serial numbers matched the money used to purchase a quantity of marijuana on Dec. 19 was also found Dec. 20.

Officers said while talking to them Ely Andrews admitted to the officers he had sawed off the barrel of the .410 shotgun.

Ely and Sara Andrews were transported to the Thayer Police Station where Sara posted a $50,000 bond. Ely Andrews was taken to the Oregon County Jail at Alton. His bond is set at $100,000. As of press time he remains in jail.

The couple is expected to be arraigned in Oregon County Circuit Court next week.

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