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Dog bite lands Cave City man in jail

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Cave City takes its animal control ordinance seriously.

Police arrested Andrew Allen Logan, 27, Nov. 23 on a warrant for 3rd degree battery and his fourth violation of the city animal control ordinance after his dog bit an elderly neighbor.

Police Chief Vernon Gann received a call just after noon Nov. 21 regarding an animal attack at Cypress Knolls Apartments. When Gann arrived he met with Junior Beams, resident of the elderly apartment complex. Beams said he was in front of his apartment when a black pit bull suddenly attacked him and bit his leg, Gann said. Beams told Gann the dog was not provoked.

The dog bit through Beams' blue jean pants, broke the skin and caused an open wound, Gann said. The wound was bleeding, he said. After the dog bit him, the animal ran into the yard of a home on Johnson Street, Beams said.

Gann went to the home and noticed a black pit bull in the front yard with two smaller pit bulls running loose in the back yard, he said. Gann attempted to get out of his patrol car to make contact with the residents, but the black pit bull attempted to attack Gann, he said.

"The dog was acting in a very aggressive manner and I believe it would have attacked me if I had gotten out of my patrol car," Gann said.

Gann blew his horn in an attempt to have someone come out of the home, but no one responded, he said. Gann instead took photos of the dogs from the car. Beams later positively identified the black pit bull as the one that bit him, Gann said.

Gann drove back to the house around 1:55 and noticed that a truck was parked outside and the front door was open, he said. The three pit bulls were running loose in the front yard, he said. Gann blew his horn and Logan came outside. Logan admitted the dogs were his, but denied that his dog bit anyone, Gann said. Gann told Logan to keep his dogs on chains and to keep the black pit bull secured from people for a minimum of 10 days to observe any signs of rabies or other illness, he said.

"It should be noted that I and other officers of the Cave City Police Department have been dispatched to 714 Johnson Street (Logan's residence) several times in the past because of reports of dogs running at large," Gann said. "Andrew Logan has previously received at least three citations for violation of the city animal control ordinance for permitting his dogs to run at large, and his wife has received at least one citation. Mr. Logan has also received numerous warnings when a citation was not issued."

Gann issued an affidavit for arrest which was approved by Deputy Prosecutor Tom Garner and District Court Judge Mark Johnson.

Gann went to Logan's home Nov. 23 and asked his wife to have him come to the police department when he returned home, Gann said. Logan came to the department around 5 p.m. and was arrested on the warrants by Sgt. Shane Hightower. He was later released on bond.

He is scheduled for court Jan. 5

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