Barton appointed city manager

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thayer appoints superintendent to position

THAYER -- The city of Thayer appointed Gary Barton as Thayer city manager at their Nov. 8 council meeting.

Barton, 42, has worked as utilities superintendent in the city the last seven years. Before coming to Thayer he and his wife Cindy and children Jessica and Jeremy lived in Willow Springs where he oversaw the workings of the city utilities department. Cindy works at Marathon Electric in West Plains.

Barton has a bachelor of science in biology from Drury University.

After meeting in closed session, Thayer Alderman Bob Grimes made the motion to appoint Barton to the position. Alderman Steve Alford voted against the appointment.

Barton was appointed with no raise in pay. He currently makes $14.50 an hour and his pay will remain the same.

"For the past 1 1/2 years Gary has done many of the projects for the city anyway. The city is very busy and the amount a paperwork that comes through City Hall is tremendous," said City Clerk Rosie Simpson.

"Gary will basically be over the city crews, water, electrical, sewer and so on. He will be doing much of what the aldermen have done in the past," Mayor Allen Deckard said.

Deckard said Barton will answer to the aldermen and the mayor.

The mayor said Barton will be looking out for the welfare of the city.

Deckard stressed the position has nothing to with an economic developer position. "If the sales tax vote on the ballot Nov. 8 had passed we would have still been interested in Gary as city manager," the mayor said. "He is not an economic developer by any means."

Barton assumed his new duties Nov 9. He said he is anxious to get started as city manager and looks forward to serving the citizens of Thayer.

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