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Man visits police station intoxicated

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jan Thompson

Staff Writer

OREGON COUNTY -- A Mammoth Spring man will face several charges after showing up at the Thayer Police Department intoxicated.

Rodney E. Reed, 52, was charged March 18 with driving with a revoked license and driving while intoxicated.

In a probable cause statement from the Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney's office, Thayer Police Chief Frank Bernard said that Reed came to the police department and inquired about a work permit in Thayer.

Bernard said the dispatcher on duty could smell a strong odor of intoxicants and knew Reed's driving privileges had been revoked.

Bernard said it was not long after that he observed Reed driving a Dodge Dakota on Front Street in Thayer.

Bernard said Reed pulled into the Burlington Northern parking lot and waved him (Bernard) in.

The officer said when Reed exited the truck and walked back to the patrol car he noticed he was staggering. He said he could smell intoxicants on Reed's breath and his speech was slurred.

Bernard said he asked him if he had been drinking and Reed responded, "not in a while."

Bernard said he requested Reed take three field sobriety tests. The first test was the gaze nystigmas test which Reed failed. The officer said he started explaining the next test and Reed refused saying he was going to jail anyway.

Bernard said it was hard to get a proper breath test because Reed kept playing with the mouthpiece to the machine, but finally did registered .221. A person is considered legally drunk in Missouri at .08.

Reed has been charged and pled guilty three other times to driving while intoxicated -- in September 2005 in Oregon County, on December 11 in Mammoth Spring and in May 18, in Ash Flat, Ark.

A man from Stamps. Ark., Jason E. Stover, 30, has been charged with a class C felony of tampering with a motor vehicle.

In a probable cause statement from the prosecutors office, Thayer Police Officer Michael Bunting said on March 30 he was called to the Judith Warren residence in Thayer for a person who was in need of the stress unit.

Warren told the officer she was mad at and had been fighting with Stover because his friends wanted him to steal cars. Warren said that Jason had left and had gone to steal a car.

When officer Bunting arrived back at the police station he received a call from LaDonna Garrison at 303 Brewer Street saying her 2004 Pontiac Grand Am had been stolen. Garrison said the keys to her car had been stolen and that Wesley Simpson had been hired Stover to paint her house.

Bunting said on April 1 he received a call from Warren and that Jason had returned with the car. Stover went to the police station and told the officer he had parked the car at a church on Weber Road.

Bunting said at first Stover said he didn't take the car and tried to blame it on someone else. The statement said Bunting told Stover he was going to have everyone brought to court and tell what he or she had told him.

The officer said it was then that Stover changed his story and said that he and Warren had been fighting and he left the house. He said he blacked-out and did something stupid.

When Stover returned the car to Thayer the correct license plates were not on the car. Bunting said the plates on the car belonged to a Barbara Lynn from Texarkana, Ark. He asked Stover if he knew a Lynn from Texarkana. Stover said it was his aunt. Bunting called Lynn and asked her why her plates were on a stolen vehicle. Lynn told the officer she did not know they were.

Lynn confirmed that Stover had been at her house and was driving a little gold car.

Stover is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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