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Thursday, May 5, 2016

She Said ... He Said

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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She Said ... He Said

I think Christmas carols should be sang and played on the radio year-round. ... I think they wouldn't be Christmas carols then. They would just be carols and that would be weird.

I think Michelangelo was the coolest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. ... I think I totally agree! It was awesome how he would do those flips and surf and ... He's a cartoon turtle!

I think Brad should have stayed with Jen. ... I think that if I'm Brad Pitt I'm not staying with anyone. He can have any girl he wants.

I think crack must be a key ingredient in Sour Skittles. I can't stop eating them! ... I think if it was I'd be much thinner from eating them.

I think any color is much cooler in its neon version. ... I think neon colors cause Attention Deficient Disorder in babies.

I think cartoons suck now-a-days. ... I think ... again with the cartoons! How old are you?

I think a bouquet of spring flowers would excite me just as much as a dozen roses. ... I think ... been that long since you got flowers, huh?

I think the X-Games are a blast to watch. ... I think you must drink a lot. If you watched them sober they wouldn't be as exciting.

I think "The Family Guy" is better than "The Simpsons." ... I think "The Family Guy" is an imitation of "The Simpsons."